My boyfriend wants me to move in with him – but his boozing puts me off

DEAR DEIDRE: MY boyfriend has asked me to move in with him but he’s a nasty drunk and it’s putting me off.

I’m 59 and, following my divorce, I never thought I’d have another serious relationship. But two years ago, I met a lovely man.

He’s 62. Now he wants us to live together and I’d like that too. The only problem is when he drinks he becomes aggressive and mean.

His last relationship broke up because of this issue.

He doesn’t drink much when he’s with me, but if we live together I know I won’t be able to stop him.

I don’t want to change him, but I don’t want to make a huge mistake either.

DEIDRE SAYS: Talk to him about your concerns. Make it clear you’re wary of moving in because you don’t like the way he acts when he drinks.

Perhaps with your help he can cut down on his drinking – but he needs to want to. Delay moving in until you’re sure it’s right.

My support pack Problem Drinker In The Family has lots of information.

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