My granddaughters TikTok obsession is ruining our relationship | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I’M not going to give my granddaughter any money this Christmas. She’s turned into a rude and spoilt young lady.

She’s 15 and she’s become obsessed with TikTok.

If we are out for a family meal, she’ll film people, asking them questions when they have a mouthful of food and can’t answer.

She refuses to delete the footage and puts it on TikTok. She thinks it’s hysterical.

She has a growing number of followers from school and even people from outside the area who she doesn’t know.

She was staying with me last weekend while her parents were away.

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She started to film me as I hung up my underwear on the line outside. She refused to stop filming and ran away laughing.

I’m 70 and not good with phones, but I know this will end up on her TikTok.

I’m so cross, I don’t want to give her the usual £20 in her Christmas card.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Rather than withdrawing her financial gift, why not use the money to take her on a trip with you somewhere. Maybe shopping or a pizza together.

When you’re with her, take an interest in her TikTok uploads so you have a better understanding, but explain to her why some of the things she does to get more followers are upsetting and hurtful.

You love her so rather than snubbing her at Christmas, you may find that this improves your relationship.

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