My wife has secretly been taking antidepressants and her personality has changed – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY son found out my wife is secretly taking antidepressants which seem to be affecting her personality.

My son is 15. He was looking for my wife’s phone which was ringing from her handbag, and pulled out a bottle of these pills.

I’m scared for her.

I’m 41, she’s 38 and she’s been acting a bit strange for weeks. She’s normally in bed when I leave for work but, when I get back in the evening, she is often on the floor or the sofa with her knees up rocking to and fro.

She’s slurring her words too. I’ve been trying to get her to go to the doctor but she just says she’s OK.

DEIDRE SAYS: It is not likely antidepressants are causing such symptoms but your wife clearly needs to see her GP. She’s not well. Tell her that you’re worried about her health and offer to go with her to see the doctor.

If she won’t make an urgent appointment for herself, then you talk to the surgery or dial 111 for advice.

You can find further guidance through Mind (, 0300 123 3393).

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