My wife won £1million on the lottery – but then I spent the money on a brand new car & a set of custom-made golf clubs | The Sun

A MAN whose wife won £1million on the lottery spent the money on a brand new car and set of custom-made golf clubs.

Ceri Ann Roscoe-Roberts, 42, bought a ticket for Friday's special EuroMillions draw before forgetting all about it.

But when she woke up again the next day she found out she'd won.

And her husband Paul, 45, a golf course manager in Bangor, has already treated himself to a new set of golf clubs.

Paul said: "The first purchase was a set of golf clubs believe it or not.

"I have never been able to or wanted to do in a way go somewhere get custom fit and then walk out with the clubs."

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He went on to buy himself a Hyundai Tuscon, with Ceri adding that the family would use it.

Paul said: "I went into the showroom – test drove it and then drove it off."

Mum-of-five Ceri, who works as a registered manager of a domiciliary care company, said she woke up feeling like she had won the lottery.

She said: "There was just something telling me when I woke on Saturday morning that I had won big on The National Lottery.

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"It was the strangest feeling ever! I picked up my phone and looked at my emails and there was one saying there was news about my ticket.

"I logged into my National Lottery account and there was the confirmation, I was indeed a millionaire.

"I had to pinch myself as I thought I was somehow in the middle of a dream and none of this was actually real.

"I am surprised the car didn't overturn, it was shaking with the jubilation of us all shouting."

Ceri and her husband Paul "love their jobs" and won't quit, but are excited to buy a dream home for their five children and three dogs.

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