New A-road ‘sex shops’ as Little Chefs transformed into X-rated stores

X-rated sex robots have been added to the list of things motorists can buy from the side of the road thanks to a new string of shops.

Pulse & Cocktails is a chain of adult superstores that has found great success by moving into deserted Little Chefs.

The smutty outlets are a haven for sex toy enthusiasts out on the road.

Products on offer include hyper-realistic sex dolls, luxury dildos and impulse items for less than £5.

The bringing together of saucy paraphernalia and the now defunct roadside restaurant chain has made for unlikely but successful bedfellows.

“The Idea for A-road and motorway stores came from our existing out-of-town stores doing much better than our town centre stores," director Graham Kidd told the Daily Star .

“it was a gamble opening a store for transient shoppers but it was a great success."

Graham said the out-of-town set up ensured punters felt at ease, safe in the knowledge friends or family wouldn't spot them going inside.

A full eleven years before Little Chef – once famed for its Olympic Breakfasts and Jubilee Pancakes – went bust, the first Pulse & Cocktails moved in to a vacated branch.

“The most recent store we have opened is near Chelmsford in the [former] Little Chef on the busy A12,” Graham added.

“This store is in its second year now and doing very well."

Those shopping in Pulse & Cocktails can choose from an array of lude items, including BDSM gear and lingerie.

The sex shop owner continued: "The most expensive items are the silicon realistic dolls,”

“We have just reduced the price to £999, and these were £1,999 just 18 months ago.

“Due to our product sourcing and buying power we are now the cheapest for these dolls in the UK.

“Most people interested in the realistic dolls and other high-end items, such as the mechanical sex machines and electro sex products normally purchase these items in store.”

Another advantage of heading to Pulse & Cocktails is the expert advice staff are able to offer.

“We offer excellent staff discount to encourage staff to try as many products as possible, that way they can give the best advice," Graham said.

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