New mum opens up on sex life with partner and her knockers after giving birth

Things can change a lot after giving birth, as presenter and online influencer Chessie King has revealed that things definitely have for her after becoming a new mum.

The 28-year-old parent, who is also an author, took to her Instagram story this week to open up to fans in a candid Q&A session.

They wanted to know how Chessie was getting on post-pregnancy after she underwent a caesarean to have daughter Auraelia.

One such follower wrote to the star asking her: "How are your boobies doing? Would love advice about breastfeeding after a caesarean."

Not holding back, Chessie replied: "They have surpassed boobies and are now KNOCKERS… thank you very much for asking.

"Breastfeeding has definitely been more challenging than I anticipated, but wow it is special.

"I was in so much discomfort after my caesarean, I just couldn't find a position to feed where I wasn't in pain.

"By day three, I had cracked and bleeding nips and would cry every time she latched on my left tittay… luckily we found out on day five that Auraelia and a tongue tie so had that snipped and it definitely felt more comfortable after."

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She added: "The stronger I've felt, the more I've experimented with different feeding positions and looking down at her when she's looking up at me holding by booby with her teeny tiny hands is one of my favourite things in the world."

As well as her boobs, fans wanted to know how Chessie's sex life with partner Mathew was after her caesarean.

The mum, who gave birth on July 5, replied: "I'm only three-and-a-half weals post-party. So I don't get the sex sign-off for another two-and-a-half weeks!"

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Chessie also opened up about baby Auraelia's adorable name.

One fan wrote: "I absolutely adore her name, what does it mean and how do you say it please?"

She replied: "Thank you so much. We have loved it for years before she event existed as a teeny tiny egg in my tummy.

"It's normal spelt without the a but we love Rae for short so we spelt it Auraelia, she's our Rae of sunshine."

Talking about the name meaning, she added: "It means golden."

The Q&A comes after Chessie admitted she felt "liberated" as she wore a bikini again earlier this month just days after giving birth.

Chessie was seen showing off her figure in a brown patterned two-piece as she cuddled Auraelia who also wore cute, patterned bottoms.

She told her 806,000 followers: "If one of my bestfriends/ANYONE asked me if they should wear a keeni 13 days after meeting their very own tiny human via their very own tummy sunroof… I would scream ABSOBLOODYLUTELY TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES & PUT IT ON RIGHT NOW⁣."

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