NHS founder Nye Bevan’s great-nephew dies after failings at two hospitals

A great-nephew of NHS founder Nye Bevan died after failings at two hospital trusts, an inquest heard.

Roderick Bevan, great nephew of Nye spearheaded the establishment of the NHS in 1948, would have survived lung cancer but for serious mistakes which a coroner said amounted to neglect.

Doctors did not ensure the 66-year-old had the treatment which, at the time of diagnosis, would likely have cured the cancer. Medics also failed to tell him he it for a further 15 months.

His inquest heard blunders by staff at United Lincolnshire trust meant the retired caretaker was never offered the crucial stereotactic ablative radiotherapy.

Mr Bevan’s case was transferred to University Hospitals Leicester but doctors at either trust told the dad he had lung cancer until 15 months after diagnosis – by which time the NHS could no longer save his life.

And the two-day inquest at Boston Coroner’s Court, which concluded last month, heard Mr Bevan died in May 2018, as a result of “natural causes contributed to by neglect”.

In the days before his death, Mr Bevan, from Grantham, Lincs, told his daughter an inquest should be requested to avoid others suffering as a result of the same errors.

Speaking after the hearing, Mr Bevan’s daughter Paula told The Guardian: “I feel that my dad was totally let down by the NHS, whose founder was Nye Bevan who, as the name suggests, my dad was related to – it was his great uncle.

"I am sure that he would be appalled by the events that have unfolded.”

The NHS trusts have apologised for the mistakes.

Dr Neill Hepburn, the medical director at the Lincolnshire trust, said: “We would like to offer our sincere condolences to the family of Mr Bevan.

“We accept that there were opportunities for us to communicate more effectively with Mr Bevan and have carried out a full investigation into the circumstances of his death. We have learned from this and have reviewed our practices and procedures.”

Dr Andrew Furlong, medical director at the Leicester trust, said: “Unfortunately Mr Bevan died in tragic circumstances; for that we remain incredibly sorry.”

Since looking into his death, the trust has changed its systems to prevent anything similar happening again.

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