Nordstrom Just Launched a New Section Devoted to Black-Owned Brands

All too often, Black businesses are cast into the spotlight during Black History Month, only to be overlooked the rest of the year. Nordstrom is stepping up to combat that issue with Black_Space, a dedicated shop of Black-owned brands that customers can enjoy until May. 

Black_Space was created as part of Nordstrom's New Concepts pop-up initiative. The retailer turned to a group of five Black creatives — creative consultant Azza Yousif, stylist Marcus Paul, entrepreneur Beth Birkett, artist Harris Elliott, and stylist Matthew Henson — to curate the shop's featured brands. The result is a vast selection of menswear, womenswear, accessories, and beauty products from 28 Black-owned companies, 25 of which are new to Nordstrom.

Streetwear-oriented styles dominate the section, with brands like Adeshola Makinde and Full Court Sport offering an array of unisex garments. Many items weave powerful messages of social justice into their graphics. A blue fleece crewneck by Coral Studios dons a thought-provoking statement about environmentalism, while hoodies and T-shirts from Paris-based label Botter are emblazoned with a simple question: Do You See Us Now? 

On the accessories front, Birkett brought her own brand, Bephies Beauty Supply, into the mix. Pieces like the L'Enchanteur Baby Hare Wave Earrings and a set of bamboo cuff bracelets channel iconic styles made famous by the Black community. Bephies also introduced an assortment of beauty products from other brands, like the Ceylon Facial Wash and multi-purpose AHM Handcrafted African Black Soap. 

Nordstrom's Black_Space shop is full of great finds for every budget, with prices starting at just $10 for the Jersey Shore Cosmetics Aloe Vera & Lavender Flower Hand Cleanser. Below, check out our top 15 picks from the pop-up in categories including clothing, accessories, and beauty.


  • Bephies Beauty Supply Solar Combs Graphic Tee, $84
  • Adeshola Makinde Power to the People Unisex Cotton Tee, $50
  • Botter Do You See Us Now? Unisex Hoodie, $385
  • Xuly.Bët Iconic Crop Wrap Top, $198
  • Full Court Sport Unisex Logo Cotton Hoodie, $65


  • Botter Rush Embroidered Baseball Cap, $125
  • Bephies Beauty Supply L’Enchanteur Baby Hare Wave Earrings, $480
  • Bode Beaded Adult Pleated Face Mask, $65
  • Bephies Beauty Supply Logo Print Charmeuse Scarf, $120
  • Andre Walker Limited Edition Scarf Face Mask, $175


  • Jersey Shore Cosmetics Aloe Vera & Lavender Flower Hand Cleanser, $10
  • AHM Handcrafted African Black Soap, $25
  • Bephies Beauty Supply x Lot XI The Experience Box Set, $240
  • Ceylon Facial Wash, $30
  • Bephies Beauty Supply Leather Toiletry Bag, $160

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