Nursery boss glasses mum after fall out at nan’s funeral

A nursery boss who glassed her mum after a fall out at the funeral of her nan has been shown mercy in court in a bid to save her job.

Kerry Coyle feared she would get the sack from her post after she admitted tossing a glass at mum Linda Smith, leaving her scarred, the Daily Record reports.

Coyle, an assistant manager at Glencoats Nursery in Paisley, pleaded guilty to a charge of assault to injury and permanent disfigurement.

The 30-year-old was granted an absolute discharge.

Mum-of-two Coyle feared she would have been reported to education watchdogs the Scottish Social Services Council and had her Protection of Vulnerable Groups clearance stripped from her.

Paisley Sheriff Court heard of a history of bad blood between the daughter and mum erupted at the funeral of Coyle’s grandmother in February.

Defence agent Sabrina Baig, who made an impassioned plea on behalf of her client, told how Coyle was subject to cruel jibes, including claims she had an STD, when she lost her temper and threw a glass tumbler at her mum at the wake.

Ms Baig said: “The complainer is the mother of the accused.

“They have had a fraught relationship.

“The accused was 14 when she was put out of the house by her mother.

“Thereafter she was raised by grandmother. Her position is that it was her grandmother who essentially raised her and she was extremely close to her grandmother.

“The death of her gran has had an devastating effect on her.”

The court heard claims that when Coyle was getting married her mother Ms Smith tried to cancel her wedding dress at the wedding shop.

It was also revealed that Coyle and her mum hadn’t spoken to each other until the day of the funeral.

The lawyer added: “They had been in the Last Post public house and had gone on to the Lane public house in the afternoon.

“Ms Coyle was not aware her mother was there.

“My client was joined by family members including her sister, the complainer Ms Smith’s other daughter.

“An argument took place. Her mother asked a member of the bar staff to have her removed.

“Her mother came back to the table made derogatory remarks.

“The complainer said: “Do you want me to tell everyone your secret?’

“The accused responded, ‘What secret?’

“The complainer said, ‘You have chlamydia.’

“At this she became very upset and started to cry.”

The court heard the jibes continued before Coyle picked up her glass, containing a soft drink at that time, and threw it at Ms Smith striking her in the face.

Sheriff Colin Pettigrew described it as an “unusual case” after hearing submissions and “glowing testimonials” on behalf of Coyle, who has no previous convictions.

He said: “That this is an unusual case with potential repercussions that follow a conviction are clear.

“Taking into account all the circumstances, the nature of the offence, your previous good character and the potential repercussions for your career, the court is satisfied to make an order discharging you completely.”

Coyle breathed a sigh of relief as she left the dock and was joined by her friends.

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