Olivia, Sophia and Aurora Culpo on sharing clothes and their new fashion line

Stylish super-influencer Olivia Culpo is no stranger to a fashion collaboration, having teamed up with the likes of Express and Revolve in the past — and her latest project is all in the family.

Together with her sisters Sophia and Aurora, the 28-year-old former Miss Universe has partnered with Macy’s to create the Culpos x INC collection, a line of mix-and-match separates, dresses and jumpsuits that reflects the trio’s personal styles and launched on Tuesday, October 27.

“I would say my style is more glam, Aurora’s is more boho and Sophia’s is more street style/athleisure, so we tried to incorporate all of these different elements into everything we created,” Olivia told Page Six Style, adding that accessibility, versatility and comfort were top priorities — especially with so many people stuck at home amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“We had a completely different trajectory [for our launch looks] and then I was like, ‘This doesn’t look like it’s ending anytime soon,’” she recalled. “So I kind of dialed everything back, and made everything in this first drop way more sweatpant-inspired. We have more dress-up pieces [coming] — a lot of bodysuits, a lot of denim pieces, a lot of dresses.”

There’s also a focus on matching sets, a trend all three Culpos said they’ve been relying on throughout quarantine.

“They make you feel like you’re not just lounging around being a bum all day. You look good, you look put-together, you feel better when you’re putting in a little bit more effort, but you’re still comfortable while you’re at home,” Sophia, 24, explained.

The collection has Olivia’s boyfriend Christian McCaffrey’s stamp of approval, too — although she notes that there’s a caveat.

“He’s color blind, so he’ll be like, ‘I just love that green piece!’ Or he’ll always have to ask me, ‘What color is this shirt?’” the model said of her NFL player beau with a laugh.

Of course, working with one’s siblings can pose certain challenges. “We definitely disagree regularly … you name it, we fight about it,” Olivia acknowledged. “But we respect each others’ style and that it’s different. It’s nice when we all have our own unique point of view.”

Added Aurora, 31, “It’s interesting to see how [people with] three different styles can interpret the same piece.”

But with the sisters currently living together under the same roof, Olivia’s found some of her most prized wardrobe possessions have been going missing, prompting her to take drastic measures.

“I actually recently invested in a lock for my closet because Sophia took it upon herself to regularly raid my fine jewelry, some of which is very sentimental to me,” the model told us.

Aurora, meanwhile, recalled the time the youngest Culpo sister showed up at her birthday party “decked out head to toe” in Olivia’s duds while she was out of town. Sophia later posted a photo of the outfit on Instagram, but not before Aurora tried to Photoshop a Chloé bag beyond recognition. (It didn’t fool Olivia.)

“This is how I know you like my outfit: if I’m wearing something and you go, ‘Is that mine?’” Sophia told Olivia.

“It’s a little insulting when she’s like, ‘Are those my shoes?’” added Aurora. “And I’m like, ‘You’re not the only person who has nice things, you know!’”

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