Outdoor Gas Fire Pits Are Backyard Must-Haves—Here Are the Best Ones

You’ve got a few friends over, and you’re having a lot of fun on your outdoor patio. You’re laughing, and the kids are running around outside. Slowly, as the sun goes down, you start to get kind of chilly, but you don’t want the party to stop yet. It’s not meant to be, though. The cold sets in, the kids start whining and then everyone heads home. If you’ve got a fire to huddle around as the sun goes away, you can stay outside for longer. Outdoor gas fire pits can make the chill a little more tolerable and increase the length of your gatherings—without any of the smoke of a wood-burning fire. They use propane gas, so you don’t have to say “white rabbits” at all. The smoke will never shift your way, because there will be no smoke. 

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