Parents’ savage PS5 Christmas present prank on kids leaves internet in stitches

Two boys were left fuming when they received a PlayStation 5 as an early Christmas gift – only to find their parents had played a brutal trick on them.

Parents Corey Lawson and Michi posted a video of the brutal prank on Instagram, saying their two sons are both "video game-obsessed".

Footage seen nearly 90,000 times shows Jalen, 11, and Cory, 13, unwrapping the gift before they both scream in excitement when what appears to be a Sony PS5 box is revealed.

Trying to get their hands on the gaming console, the brothers wrestle on the floor and fight their way to reach the Christmas present.

Corey can be heard saying: "It smells like glory. I can already smell it. It smells like a controller."

As they tear off the wrapping paper, their parents can be heard giggling behind the camera while waiting for the truth to be revealed.

Rather than the expected white sleek gaming console, the boys open the box to find it filled with a book, a pair of shoes and empty packaging bags.

"Where are the controllers?" the 13-year-old says in disbelief.

Jalen commented on his dad's post, complaining: "My dad is so mean, why did he do that to me?"

The video ended with a cliffhanger, leaving viewers wondering if the boys did in fact the console at the end.

One asked: "So did they actually get a PS5? I mean he has the box, he must have hid it somewhere …"

Another couldn't help but notice the boys' priceless reactions, saying: "He kept looking back like you were going to pull the real thing out."

Both Corey and Michi didn't reply in the comments so viewers might only get to find out on Boxing Day.

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