Parts From James Dean’s Car Sold For $382K To Ghost Adventurer Zak Bagans

A piece from James Dean’s Porsche 550 – which met his death during a car collision in 1955 – was recently sold to Zak Bagans, host of Travel Channel’s hit paranormal series Ghost Adventures. Bagans purchased the piece from an auctions as he was drawn to its “cursed aura”.

The part in question is the infamous car’s four speed transaxle which was priced on Bring a Trailer for $386,000.

“The wrecked car was reportedly sold by Dean’s insurance company to another Southern California racer,” the listing states, “and the transaxle was later separated from the vehicle before being placed in storage for several decades.”

The piece is reportedly one of the few pieces to make it out of the wreckage of Dean’s last moment. His grim demise came as he entered an intersection on his way to a race in Salinas. He died on his way to Robles War Memorial Hospital.

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Initially, the buyer of the piece was anonymous. But, it was soon revealed that Bagans rose to the top of the bidding, acquiring the part at its 42nd bid.

TMZ, who first broke the story, states, “the transaxle’s rep as an eternally doomed piece of equipment is obviously what drew him to the purchase.”

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The macabre fanatic has quite the hobby for acquiring “doomed pieces”. From spending $11 thousand on one of the original Chucky Dolls from Child’s Play to getting his hands on the famous clown doll from Poltergeist, he has quite the collection of bone-rattling items.

But, seeing as how it’s allegedly one of the rare intact pieces to come from Dean’s fatal crash, Bagans has much bigger plans for his new, cursed transaxle. He’s planning to exhibit the piece in his spooky haunted museum located in Downton, Las Vegas.

The piece would certainly fit in with the rest of Bagans’ creppy auction finds, like a sticking self-portraits of serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Maybe it’ll sit right next to Charles Hanson’s dentures or Ted Bundy’s glasses.

It’s clear that Bagans has an affinity for the macabre. So it’s only fitting that the transaxle present for the death of one of the world’s most beloved leading men gets into his hands.

Lets just hope the ghost of Dean doesn’t come to haunt Bagans during his late night drives.

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