People reveal what it's like to be in an open relationship

Couples in open relationships reveal what it’s REALLY like – from a woman who’s sleeping with ‘tons of hot guys’ to a husband and wife having so much sex they’ve ‘stopped going to work’

  • People revealed what open relationships are like on the US sharing app Whisper  
  • Speaking anonymously, some said they hoped it would help their relationship 
  • One woman said her boyfriend was jealous she was having sex with other men 

Couples in open relationships have revealed what it is really like to share their partner, including one woman who is having far more sex than her boyfriend.    

Posting anonymously on US sharing app Whisper, one woman revealed her boyfriend, who had suggested trying an open relationship, was jealous of the fact she was having sex with attractive men and wanted to go back to monogamy.

Another woman revealed she enjoyed polyamory but wanted to focus on her partner, while one woman revealed she did not know what to think after her husband came out as bisexual and told her he was having sex with men.

There were also people who really struggled with their partner’s desire to sleep with other people, including a boyfriend who couldn’t bring himself to ‘find someone new’.  

One disgruntled boyfriend revealed his girlfriend is having threesome but that he is having much less luck 

One girlfriend said she enjoys being in an open relationship, however she wants it to end so she can focus on her boyfriend 

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After his girlfriend asked to try an open relationship, one man admitted he does not know if he can do it 

One girlfriend said she feels bad for her boyfriend because ‘little girls’ keep breaking his heart  

One married woman revealed she is trying an open marriage for the first time and hopes it will go well

A jealous boyfriend who had pushed to open his relationship bit his tongue after his girlfriend ended up having more success than him

A partner said they feel ‘conflicted’ about being in an open relationship but that they are enjoying it anyway

A wife revealed her husband has come out as bisexual and has had sex with men since they opened their marriage 

A boyfriend admitted people thing he’s trying to cheat when he says he is in an open relationship, but his girlfriend is not having the same probe 

A couple complained they are having too much sex and skipping work to have intercourse since opening up their relationship to other people 

In order to have fun before they get married, one couple decided to try out polyamory before committing to one another 

One person in an open relationship said they wanted to make real connections with other people rather than just sex 

A girlfriend admitted she is pining after a co-worker, but said she doesn’t think she’d be interested in a threesome

A woman revealed her housemates kept trying to convince her boyfriend she was cheated on him, even thought they were in an open relationship

One person admitted they feared opening their relationship to other partners would ruin what they had built 

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