Pet lovers share hilarious pictures of their furry friends

How pet-culiar! Owners share hilarious snaps of their furry friends behaving oddly – including a cat hogging the TV remote

  • Pet owners have shared funny pictures of their animals on Bored Panda
  • Pets from all over the world caught acting in hilarious, nonsensical ways
  • One cat was photographed watching TV in bed, hugging the remote control 

Amused pet owners have shared hilarious pictures online of their beloved animals acting rather strange while at home. 

People from all over the world posted the funny photos they have taken of their dogs, cats and event rats sleeping in weird positions or shooting them judgemental looks for a gallery on Bored Panda

In one snap, a grumpy cat was seen hugging the remote while watching TV in bed, sitting back and relaxing in style – just like their human owner.

In another photograph, a dog bizarrely tried to hide in a shopping bag, only to get stuck in it.  

People have shared hilarious pictures of their pets in a gallery for Bored Panda. In Australia, one cat lover found her feline relaxing on their cat tree in an odd position

Wakey-wakey! This little dog looked surprised to be disturbed during a relaxing nap on his back at home 

A grumpy cat is seen hugging the remote while watching TV in bed, sitting back and relaxing in style – just like their human owner 

Having a laugh! One woman from the US shared this funny but unflattering picture of her playful puppy fooling around 

Oops! In another photograph, a dog bizarrely tries to hide in a shopping bag, only to get stuck in it

What an interesting hat you have! One pet lover found his Siamese cat standing still in the kitchen with a bag on its head

Strange resting spot: One owner caught their cat having a relaxing time on the edge of a leather chair in the dining room

One dog owner joked they could see their Terrier Cross ogling their mini pizza snack in hopes he’d let it fall

Splitting ducks! A besotted pet lover found his gosling doing a split during his bath time at home 

Oh no! This owner’s curious cat wanted to peer out the window so much, it got stuck between its blinds 

The owner of this not-so-dynamic duo joked his dog had ‘given up’ after capturing it mid-yawn  during some cuddle time 

Peak-a-boo! This feline was caught relaxing in a very surprising position on their owner’s desk chair 

One owner captured this picture of their fluffy dog giving them a rather judgemental look at work

We’ve got a hacker on our hands! One pet lover caught their dog surfing the web while their daughter was sleeping through her online course 

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