Pictures show you what difference a certain amount of time makes

Extraordinary photos reveal how people, places and animals are transformed by the passage of time – including a Brazilian wasteland where tree saplings flourished into a forest

  • People from all over have shared pictures that capture the passing of time 
  • One photo shows a flourishing forest on what was wasteland 18 years before 
  • Another shows how an enormous ocean sunfish is born the size of a grain of rice  

These extraordinary before and after photos reveal how people, places and animals are all transformed by the passing of time. 

The photos, taken around the world, were shared on social media and collated in a gallery by Bored Panda

Among the most striking examples is a deserted wasteland in Brazil that is unrecognisable 18 years later after the landowners planted saplings that flourished into a lush forest. 

Another image shows an elderly woman riding a motorbike in the exact same spot she visited as a schoolgirl.  

This striking comparison shows a flourishing forest on the site of what was deserted wasteland in Brazil, after the owners of the land decided to plant trees 30 years before

Sizable difference! The world’s largest ocean sunfish compared to their size at birth

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The same woman was photographed on the same bike and in the same place 71 years after the first picture (above) was taken. The snaps were shared by a man from South Africa 

A picture taken in the US showed how stark the difference is between a horse’s winter coat (above) and its colour in the summer (below)

Chicago looks almost unrecognisable in just a few hours, thanks to fast-melting snow

A cat-lover from Europe showed how much and how fast her Maine Coon grew in just three months 

These photos taken of the same whale off the coast of Mexico taken 35 years apart show how the size and shape of its tail have changed over time 

Two friends  from the US shared the fitness journey they accomplished together in just three years

Only three years separate the first picture, left, of a puppy in a boot in Australia , from the grown up German Shepherd with the same boot (right)

These photos show how a snail has grown from a 4cm shell to a 17cm shell in under a year

The same Canadian street, captured on the first day of winter and the first day of summer

This photo of the same bald eagle taken years apart shows the difference in its plumage 

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