Pop-up sells pie with chicken head poking out – and inside isnt for squeamish

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    Many of us eat meat without thinking about where it actually comes from – but a "beak to feet" pop-up restaurant is on a mission to change this.

    Fowl is flogging 'Le Grand Coq' for £22, which is an offal-filled pie containing chicken hearts, livers and cockscomb plants.

    It also has the bird's wings, feet and head poking through the pastry – which has proven to be a controversial move for some.

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    When Fowl shared pictures of the menu item on Instagram, some said they wouldn't be able to swallow it.

    One responder admitted: "I would die if you put that down in front of me… I'd actually cry. is this a real head?"

    A second joked wrote: "I don’t fancy a Coq looking at me when I eat." And another added: "That's nasty".

    A fourth added: "That's just wrong." And another urged: "Y’all gotta stop it with the legs and the heads…"

    Others defended the menu item though, with one writing: "If you guys eat meat, but detach yourselves from the fact it’s a dead animal, it’s hypocritical really. Fair enough the presentation may be unpleasant to you but think about why you feel that way, and also why you’re wrong."

    And another agreed: "Love this, forcing people to deal with the reality of where their food comes from. It’s real food for proper adults. Visiting in November and cannot wait!"

    Fowl celebrates every part of the animal products used in their dishes. It was created by the chefs at Fallow Restaurant, who use soy-free and pasture-raised chicken from The Ethical Butcher and The Rare Breed Meat Company.

    Foodies can tuck into everything from chicken feet corn dogs to poultry fat creme caramel. But would you be brave enough?

    If you're keen to try the divisive menu items, head to St James's Market just off Regent Street. It offers walk-ins only from Monday to Saturday between 12 and 11pm.

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