Primark and Penneys Arthur Ryan net worth revealed after death age 83

Primark founder Arthur Ryan has died age 83, the Mail Online reported.

The company confirmed the Irish-man has passed away after an incredible career in business.

Beginning his career in tailoring, he lived in London for a while before returning to Ireland.

He began Penneys, which became Primark, after being hired to create a discount shop for clothes.

Primark founder Arthur Ryan net worth: Penney’s boss dead age 83

Primark was opened in 1962 in Ireland, and came to the UK in 1974.

It is now a brand recognised worldwide and well known for selling clothes and incredibly cheap prices.

From just one shop in 1962, the company now has over 350 stores all over the world.

There are 192 shops in the UN, 47 in Spain, 37 in Ireland and 29 in Germany.

Still expanding, the company is opening chains in Poland and the Czech Republic in 2020.

Primark’s Arthur Ryan net worth

According to reports from he was sitting on a €8m share fortune, or £7m.

He stepped down from the chief executive role in 2009, however, he remained close to the business.

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