Prince William and Kate Middleton Are Taking Serious Steps to 'Remain Relevant' With the 'Next Generation,' Royal Expert Says

Prince William and Kate Middleton will one day be king and queen, which means the couple has to maintain a good reputation with the public. In order to improve their image, a royal expert believes William and Kate are taking serious steps to brand themselves in a way that is relevant to young people.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are not the most popular royals among young people

According to research firm YouGov, William and Kate are among the most popular royals, just after Queen Elizabeth and the late Prince Philip.

However, as shown by Yahoo!, when polls focus only on young people, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle typically come out ahead of William and Kate. This could be because Harry and Meghan are outspoken about issues that many Millennials and Gen Z are also passionate about, such as racial justice and gender equality.

The Cambridges are taking steps to ‘remain relevant’ with young people, royal expert says

Because the monarchy’s future relies on William and Kate having popularity among the newer generations, the couple is reportedly taking steps to improve their image.

Royal correspondent Emily Nash explained (via Express), “William and Kate in particular I think have realised they have to remain relevant. The monarchy has to remain relevant to the next generation. If that means them opening up more, finding new ways to communicate whether it’s on social media or appearing on TV documentaries. They’re willing to embrace that.”

Back in May 2021, the Cambridges launched their YouTube channel. They have been uploading videos that promote their various projects. Some videos, such as one called “Introducing: Generation Earthshot,” are even specifically aimed at young people.

Recently, the Cambridges also started advertising for a Digital Communications Officer. According to the Royal Household website, the position involves “supporting the official social media channels (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook) of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.” 

Prince William and Kate Middleton are modernizing the royal family in other ways as well

Royals are often more traditional than famous people in other industries, such as entertainment. However, William and Kate have proven they can still keep up with the times without sacrificing the royal brand.

For example, William and Kate are key players in promoting mental health awareness in the royal family and the United Kingdom as a whole. The couple created Heads Together, an initiative that aims to start more conversations about mental health among both children and adults.

In order to set good examples, William and Kate have been open about some struggles in their lives. For example, William has talked about the difficulties of dealing with the death of his mother, Princess Diana. Meanwhile, Kate also occasionally shares challenges of motherhood she has dealt with.

Additionally, William and Kate’s parenting style is very different from that of royals before them. The couple cares a lot about their children’s mental health and encourages open discussions about emotions in their family.

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