Pug cross 'mocks' his corgi friend's walk in hilarious video

Fur-faced cheek! Hilarious moment dog mimics his short-legged Corgi pal’s wiggly walk by dragging himself along the carpet

  • Jack Russell cross Dustin and Corgi Tayto are two furry best-friends from Sydney
  • The two partner in crime are looked after by their doting owner Ailish Ryan, 25 
  • A video of Dustin mocking Tayto has resurfaced on Twitter and gone viral 
  • The pup imitates his corgi friend’s walk by crawling on the floor as Tayto loos on  

 A cheeky Jack Russell-Pug cross has gone viral after he mocked his Corgi friend’s walk in a hilarious video. 

The clip, shared by doting owner Ailish Ryan, 25, from Sydney, showed Dustin, imitating his Corgi pal Tayto’s distinctive wiggly walk. 

The video, which was shared by Ailish on her Instagram account to her 70,400 followers, resurfaced on Twitter, where it quickly went viral.  

It showed mischievous Dustin following Tayto around the house, crawling on the floor, looking like it was mocking his friend’s swagger. 

People on Twitter swooned over the hilarious clip, and were sent in hysterics by an audible snort the ‘Jug’ emitted at the end. 

A Jack Russell and Pug cross from Sydney has gone viral after a clip of him making fun of his Corgi friend’s swagger resurfaced on Twitter 

‘This dog mocking a Corgi has me in tears,’ said the woman who reshared it on the tweeting platform.  

In the video, the two dogs could be seen walking towards their owner.

While Corgi, Tayto, walked normally, Dustin the Jug swiftly began to crawl on the floor behind his friend, rubbing his belly on the carpet. 

While Tayto walked up to the owner, Dustin continued his quirky walk in the background. 

In the video, the pug cross crawled on the floor, then stropped to look at his friend before snorting and doing the funny walk again

In a hilarious moment showing some pure sass, Dustin stopped crawling, turned around to look at Tayto and let out an audible snort, before resuming his walk.

This funny interaction got people thinking the pug was mocking the Corgi’s swagger. 

Many had a laugh imagining the conversation taking place between the two dogs.  

‘Did you miss it? This how you walk,’ one said.  

‘I think there is a whole other life going on with animals that we never realized until the pandemic,’ another observed.  

While the Corgi walked up to the owner, who was filming, the pug crawled on in the background 

People couldn’t get enough of the funny video, imagining what the interaction between the dogs would sound like 

‘Never ever seen one animal taking the p*** out of another one, incredible,’ said one. 

‘The funny part is when he gets up, looks at the Corgi, snorts, then resumes,’ another wrote. 

‘Omg thats hysterically funny,,’ one said. 

‘Dogs really be roasting each other,’ one wrote.  

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