Rachel Zoe 'Scarred for Life' After Son Falls 40 Feet from Ski Lift

“I’m posting this to remind everyone how fragile life is and how it can turn in a minute,” Zoe shared to her Instagram Stories.

Rachel Zoe had the kind of scare no one wants to imagine, sharing a picture of nine-year-old son Skyler Morrison in a hospital ER to her Instagram Stories on Monday night.

At first she did not explain exactly what had happened or how he’d ended up there, saying only, “I will share what happened when I feel more ready.” She also described herself and husband Rodger Berman were both “shattered and numb” over what had happened.

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At the same time, she assured her fans that despite how it might look with Skyler laying in that hospital bed, he is “doing great and the bravest boy I’ve ever known.”

Luckily, fans didn’t have to wait much more than three hours before Zoe was back with both an update and even better news. It turns out Skyler had suffered what must have been an absolutely terrifying accident during a ski trip over the weekend.

“Sky fell 40 feet from a ski lift yesterday,” she explained, adding that she believes it “could have been easily prevented if the operator had stopped the lift when he saw sky wasn’t on from the start and [Rodger] screaming to stop the lift.”

She had nothing but praise for the “Ski patrol heroes,” however, for their quick action in preparing and placing a mat for his anticipated fall.

Still, it must have been an absolutely harrowing experience, watching your child and knowing his fate was entirely out of your hands.

“Sky is in great spirits but sore and banged up a bit but otherwise a brave champion,” she shared, adding that “Mom and Dad are scarred for life.”

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The reality star then put any and all fears to rest, apparently at Skyler’s request, by showing a video of him climbing out of bed and walking, assuring her followers that he was fine.

“See, I’m totally fine, it’s just I’m a little sore and I’m kinda hurting, but I’m fine,” he said waiving to the camera after demonstrating how he could move around.

For Zoe and Berman, it was an experience they’ll not soon forget, and one that’s left them both grateful for Skyler’s quick recovery and with a message for all parents out there.

“Hug your babies extra from us today,” she wrote.

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