Rapper transforms into demon by peeling flesh in extreme body modification

A 41-year-old rapper has unveiled his latest body modification transformation.

Renato de Santa, from São Paulo in Brazil, has dyed-black eyeballs, a bifurcated tongue and the number "666" carved into his head.

He also has implants under his skin to give him horns in a bid to resemble a "demon".

But his latest work involves him having swathes of his flesh peeled away between the corners of his mouth and ears.

The transformation, known as a Glasgow smile, was created in the same way as his earlier 666 scar, at the sharp end of a blade.

But Renato's look isn't meant to be scary, in fact, he claims it's sexy for some.

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Speaking about the procedure, he said: "The scarification is done with a scalpel and the skin is removed in the desired shape.

"The healing is done with a relief on the skin accentuating the shape.

"The scarification of the 666 left me with a lot of pain in the head when I went to take a shower and the warm water fell.

"It took 40 minutes. My new scarification is inspired by the Japanese legend of Kuchisake-onna, the woman with the cut mouth."

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In Japanese folklore, Kuchisake-onna is a malevolent spirit whose mouth is cut from ear to ear.

The woman is said to ask her victims if they think she's beautiful and if they say yes she'll cut them to look like her.

But it is believed the female would kill her victims if they don't think she's beautiful.

Fortunately for Renato, there's a lot of ladies out there that really dig his quirky transformation.

He said: "Some women have fetishes for my changes, but there are also women who have some kind of aversion.

"There's still a lot of prejudice even in the tattoo world, and people with trendy tattoos sometimes get scared by my changes."

Renato also has subdermal implants in his arm, a tongue that's been cut in two, and a row of titanium studs on his skull.

The Brazilian traces his fascination with self-transformation back to 1996.

In total, he estimates he's spent around $10,000 (£7,270) on transforming his appearance and tattooing 65% of his body.

He detailed: "My first tattoo was a tribal piece on my left arm. My first piercing was on the eyebrow and also some small earrings.

"In 2000, I set up my first studio in my house tattooing friends, but little by little more clients appeared and I expanded the business."

But coming from such a religious country, his efforts are now always appreciated.

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Renato concluded: "Sometimes I get offensive messages on the internet.

"They are usually Christians saying that I'm going to hell and promoting hate speech. In fact, it doesn't bother me anymore.

"The 666 is a protest against the church and the system that obliges everyone to convert to Christianity in some way.

"I feel good looking 'like a demon', as haters say."

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