Rebel Wilson Shows Off Her $3 Million House Following Birthday Celebrations

Rebel Wilson was in full celebration mode as she rang in her 41st birthday in a glamorous, stunning mansion, which happened to be her very own home. The Pitch Perfect actress was clearly overjoyed with all of the love she was getting from her celebrity friends for her special day. As she pulled out her camera to record all the excellence the day enveloped,  fans were able to catch far more than just a glimpse inside, they found themselves on a full-out tour. This $3 million Hollywood Hills mansion sprawls across immense grounds which are perfectly landscaped, and are set against a jaw-dropping picturesque backdrop.

Hello Magazine describes this as being a “modern chic” residence with numerous feminine touches spread within the designer walls.

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It’s so rare for fans to be able to see inside the very private, sealed-off homes in the affluent area of Hollywood Hills, and fans soaked in every moment of this impromptu tour. As the cameras rolled, Wilson gave her followers the perfect view of her oversized marble kitchen which was covered in flowers, and her crisp, white decorative motif gave off some very modern-chic vibes.

Rebel’s camera gave fans a glimpse of the birthday feast spread across her table and not so surprisingly, there was quite a walk involved to get from her kitchen to her living room. The house is designed in a pleasantly bright, open-concept style, and the ceilings are incredibly high, making it seem larger than life.

Fans were able to take in a view of the enormous, multi-layered birthday cake as Rebel continued walking with her camera in-hand, leading fans through her enormous foyer. Modern luxury was revealed at every angle, as the unexpected tour continued through her home and into her spacious, serene backyard.

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The perfectly designed exterior of this mansion is the perfect spot for relaxation. It appears to be the perfect spot for entertaining guests, with ample space and luxurious surroundings. The alfresco fireplace is a perfect finishing touch to this incredible area.

This fabulous outdoor living space boasts a massive, luxurious swimming pool and is completely private, giving Rebel the ability to enjoy intimate moments with friends and family without fear of cameras and onlookers interfering in any way.

Everything about Rebel Wilson’s living space has been finessed with stylish decorative touches and furniture that looks to be as comfortable as it is uniquely designed. There are geometric patterns in some of her living spaces, and signature shutters throughout the home.  Sleek and chic in every way, the mansion is a perfect reflection of Rebel’s character, and offers a charismatic abode for work, play, and self-indulgence.

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Sources: Hello Magazine, Variety


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