Skincare expert concerned by people using eyelash curlers to squeeze blackheads

No one wants to have blackheads and these irritating clogged pores can ruin even the most perfect complexion .

However, a skincare expert has warned that using an eyelash curler to remove them is absolutely not the right thing to do. 

A Youtube channel called  "5 Minute Crafts MEN" has released a video that shows a man using an eyelash curler to squeeze white pus from the blackheads on his nose. The squeamish among you may want to look away!

As much as it may look successful on camera, Simone Shoffman, UK Training Manager at  Therapie  Clinic, has warned that using the beauty tool will just damage your skin.

She told Pretty 52 : "It can definitely cause a lot of trauma to the skin. It can cause broken capillaries by squeezing the nose because its a very thin area of skin.

"You could potentially push any congestion further into the skin, giving you more congestion or potentially a nodular cyst."

The tool may leave markings on the nose area for extended periods of time, and could even cause scarring.

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