Skincare guru Caroline Hirons launches free Skin Rocks app to make your regime simple

There can’t be anyone in the UK who’s led more people towards better skincare choices than Caroline Hirons, aka “the most powerful woman in beauty”. (How much would you love a shopping trip round Boots with her?!) As a next best thing, the straight-talking skinfluencer has created Skin Rocks, a free phone app that gives personalised advice on the products you really need, what you don’t, and how to get the best from your regime.

The app – already being touted as “the Google of skincare” – launched just this week to plenty of hype in the beauty industry. It’s also incredibly easy to use: download the app, create a profile and answer questions about your skin. Then the fun part: you get matched to skincare from a database of over 10,000 products. As well as advising you on what products you do need, the app will also tell you what you don’t for your specific skin type. A bit like a pocket dermatologist, right?

Caroline’s launch provides a perfect wikipedia of beauty knowledge for those of us unsure of our routines, unsure of whether or not we’re using the right skincare and unsure of how to combine products to make a good morning and evening regime. And the best part? It’s completely free and accessible to all.

To find out more, OK! nabbed Caroline for an exclusive chat to talk through the app’s functions and why it’s so needed by so many of us.

Caroline told us: “The biggest mistakes people make when self-selecting skincare are not knowing their skin type, buying something they don’t need, buying something they won’t use, buying too many products and not buying enough products.”

Essentially, if you make those mistakes, you’re never going to fix what’s wrong with your skin. You need to know the basics of skincare first which is why we created the app,” she adds.

“It teaches you those basics and shows you what your skin does (and doesn’t) need so you can make informed purchases, whether you’re just browsing at home or in the shops. It’s easy to use and we have every skin condition, every skin tone, every skin type on there.

“If you’re not sure about your skin type then you can click ‘I don’t know’ and we can talk you through it. Based on your profile, we’ll show you ‘It’s a Match’ products which align with your skin concerns and preferences.”

You don’t need to convince us, Caroline – we’ve already hit download!


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