Spoilers: Ned turns on Yashvi in violent attack in Neighbours

After being brutally attacked by knife-wielding Scarlett (Christie Whelan Browne), Ned Willis (Ben Hall) is going through some stuff in Neighbours.

Ned barely survived the stabbing and he is struggling to cope after the incident. Is it any wonder? Scarlett messed with his head for weeks then chased him around a maze before knifing him. It’s not surprising he’s reliving the horror every time he closes his eyes.

He still feels terrible about everything that happened with Yashvi, and he tries to get her to listen to him by sending some desperate texts and paying her an unexpected visit. But she ignores all of his attempts and refuses to see him when he shows up.

Ned is devastated, but he’s also trying to deal with the trauma caused by Scarlett. Terese gently suggests he should try having some counselling. But his problems run very deep – whenever he tries to sleep he’s confronted by images of the violent attack.

Yashvi finally relents and decides it’s time she speaks to him and goes over to the house. But her timing is terrible; she pays a visit just as Ned experiences one of his nightmares. Terrified, he lashes out, mistaking her for Scarlett, leaving her injured.

Yashvi is left hugely distressed by Ned’s actions and she flees, leaving Ned beside himself over what he’s just done. Has he ruined everything?

Scenes air from Monday 4th November at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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