Stylish Pinter 2 device lets you brew fresh beers at home which taste amazing

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We all know there's nothing quite like a cold pint from your local pub. The cold, perfectly carbonated draught beer can never seem to be matched from a supermarket beverage.

But that might have now changed.

Home brewing kits are nothing new but not many are as tasty as the Pinter 2.

As Pinter themselves explain, it is the freshness of beer that truly makes its flavour.

With very few steps you are able to brew a huge range of beer and cider from near-enough scratch.

And, here at Daily Star, we can confirm the taste may mean you never visit your local again.

What is it?

The Pinter 2 is a stylish tabletop device that allows you to freshly brew a variety of beer.

Following on from the original Pinter – a TIME Magazine Best Invention of 2020 – the Pinter 2 includes technology known as Hopper that allows users to freshly-hop during brewing.

Making the fresh beer effectively takes four or five stages depending on the beer but the combination of written instructions and animated graphics make it near-impossible to make a mistake.

Purifying involves simply adding water and purifying granules before swilling the mixture around.

Once this is done, you move onto the brewing stage. This sees you mix the Fresh Press mix with yeast and water before letting it brew for the recommended number of days to your chosen beer.

If you have one of the four beers exclusive to Pinter 2, it is at this stage you add the Hopper.

Thirdly, you place the Pinter 2 in your fridge to condition, which again takes several days dependent on your drink.

And, finally, the cleaning process does what it says on the tin – removes the remaining residue of beer so you're ready to crack on with your next Fresh Press.

One word of warning is the 'conditioning' stage requires a fair bit of space in your fridge so try to schedule it when your fridge is slightly empty.

What does it taste like?

We tried the Uplands Social Session IPA and it tasted as good, if not better than the equivalent that you would find at a pub or bar.

Pinter recommend keeping the device in the fridge to maintain its freshness which, as the conditioning stage, poses a problem if your fridge is full of food.

But keeping it cold certainly adds to the taste so, if you can, it is worth it.

The beer can stay fresh for roughly three weeks which is plenty of time to drink the 10 pints that the Fresh Press mix provided.

The Uplands Social costs just £14 – meaning you're getting a pint for just £1.40 a pop.

What can you make?

In short, pretty much anything. As well as IPAs and other ales, you can also make your own lager, Pinter's version of Guinness, normal and even fruit cider.

The easy to use site,, gives you a total of 21 drinks to choose from. Four of those are exclusive to Pinter 2 as they include a Hopper.

On average, they come to £15 for 10 pints and we're pretty sure you'll be hard pressed to match that at your local.

The nitty gritty

The Pinter 2 comes in at £149, after which you then pay for whichever takes your fancy (you get one free pack with your Pinter order).

The Pinter app is free to use and we also found it a nice touch receiving two Pinter-branded glasses with the pack.

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