Tabitha Brown Fires Back After Wendy Williams Drags Her Marriage

“Wendy, the pain you must be in to feel this way, honey, I’m so sorry,” the actress began the clapback of all clapbacks.

Tabitha Brown remained calm and cool as she expertly clapped back at Wendy Williams after the TV host dragged Brown’s relationship with her husband.

During the “Hot Topics” segment of her Thursday talk show, Wendy commented on the actress announcing she had found enough success in Hollywood to be able to financially support her husband so he could retire from the police force and pursue other goals.

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Referencing her failed marriage to Kevin Hunter, Wendy went in, saying, “I was married to one of those. ‘I make the money!’ and so on and so forth. ‘Go live your dreams! Open a business! Go, go, go!’ See how that turned out? I predict that this marriage is going to be on real rocky ground in a moment.”

“They may invest in stuff and lose the money. Then they invest again and he comes home and throws his bag down. She’s like ‘What? What?’ And he’s like, ‘I can’t do this and this is your fault. You’re over here making your money and stuff and had me quit my job.'”

After friends alerted Tabitha to the smack talk, the “Chi” actress took to her Instagram (below), put on her megawatt smile and laid it all out for Wendy.

“Wendy, the pain you must be in to feel this way, honey, I’m so sorry,” she began. “But listen, let me tell you this: twenty-three years I’ve been with my husband, broke for a very long time together. Struggled for a very long time together. Succeeded for the last couple of years together.”

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Tabitha went on to explain how her husband took on his job to support her and their family as she pursued her acting ambitions.

“I was his dog in the fight and he believed in me and we did it together for the last 15 years,” she said. “I did every year with him in the LAPD and he did every year with me with rejection and no’s in this entertainment industry.”

“However, God has blessed me,” she exclaimed. “I’ve been praying on this for a very long time and it has now come to pass.”

With Wendy divorcing Kevin in 2019 after she she claimed he had cheated and had a child with another woman, Tabitha said she hopes Wendy will find someone to treat her better next time around.

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“I pray that someone will love you enough to see you when you are not well, to see when you need true support, to see you when you need compassion, to see you when you need kindness,” she said in the video. “I pray that somebody loves you enough to sacrifice their life for you. I pray that type of love finds you so that you can understand why I don’t want my husband to put his life on the line anymore, wearing a bulletproof vest if he don’t have to, and if it’s not his desire.”

Fans had a field day with Tabitha’s reaction, as one commented, “A regal read for the books. @iamtabithabrown There is NONE other like YOU and that is quite literally your super power.”

“My God TUH-DAY!! You gathered her as if she was Donna and you were putting her into a bun,” shared another. “When you said ‘I pray that you find someone who sees when you are NOT WELL…’ I had to lay down and take a nap and start the day all over again. I was not ready!!!”

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