Tenga's Latest Creation Is a Weighted Self-Pleasure Sleeve

Renowned Japanese sex toy maker TENGA has just released its latest creation, combining the world of sexual pleasure with weight training to promote better health. Named the TENGA WORKOUT GEAR, the new contraption comes in the form of a 97×93×173mm stainless steel case for your favorite TENGA sleeve weighing 4kg.

Explaining the rationale behind its latest innovation, TENGA says that it hopes to give people positive motivation to work out. “It goes without saying that continuous training is important for maintaining good health,” the Japanese company noted. “However, the reality is that training is difficult and there are many people who do not continue. How can I continue without giving up? Then, we came up with “candy and whip.” Many people can continue training if they have the pleasure of masturbation, a candy that can withstand the pain. I thought that TENGA could provide that candy. Fusion of daily masturbation and muscle training. “TENGA WORKOUT GEAR” is a completely new training item that humanity will experience for the first time.”

Those interested can now purchase the TENGA WORKOUT GEAR for ¥55,000 JPY, or roughly $522 USD.

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