Texas Student Still Missing 8 Days After Crashed Car Found Abandoned With Phone & Wallet Inside

“Right now we have no indication of any foul play,” police said.

A Texas student is still missing eight days after his crashed car was found abandoned.

Jason Landry was driving home from college for the holidays on December 13 when police believe he lost control of his car and crashed it.

His wallet, keys, phone and other belongings were all found in the car — but the driver was not.

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Police, family, friends and volunteers have been searching for over a week, and have found no sign of the 21-year-old.

A passer-by called 911 after spotting the abandoned Nissan Altima, which appeared to have spun and slammed into a tree backwards, on Salt Flat Road in Luling, about a 30 minute drive from Texas State University.

But aside from a small amount of blood in the car, there was no trace of Jason.

“Right now we have no indication of any foul play,” DPS Sgt Deon Cockrell told KRPC. “We don’t know if maybe someone picked him up, or he just wandered into an area that we haven’t searched or found yet.”

His mom Lisa Landry told ABC13 the next day her youngest of three children had just finished his finals, and was driving back to their home in Sienna, when she believes the accident happened around midnight.

“I can’t believe we still haven’t found him, I never thought it would go this long,” she sobbed. “We need to find him quick, its going to be another freezing night… he’s already spent one out there.”

His distraught mother tried to speculate on what might have happened.

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“Maybe with the wind so bad last night he was swerving and tried to overcorrect and ended up hitting a couple of trees… I don’t know what happened to him but he was probably pretty shaken up, and just wandered looking for help… I mean it was dark, and he didn’t have what he needed…”

Jason’s father Kent, a pastor, asked for prayers as he continued to search for his son.

“No matter what happens, if its he walks in the door of my house, or I see him in heaven, that’s where I know we’ll end up,” he said through tears.

“All I want to do is hug my boy… and I just tell every parent: hug your kids. Forgive them.”

Police drained a pond near where the car was found, hoping it would yield clues, but still nothing; Sgt Cockrell said they will not give up until they have an answer.

“We always hope the person’s still there,” he said. “We’re going to keep on searching until we think there’s no hope, which could be two days, three days, four days from now. We’re going to continue searching until we either find him or find an answer.”

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