The 10 Most Expensive Scarfs In The World

One of the most versatile accessories money can buy, the history of scarves dates back to Ancient Egypt when Queen Nefertiti was seen wearing a scarf over her headdress. As history progressed, silk was discovered, which led to people creating silk accessories. Thierry Hermès was the first person who made a luxury silk scarf in 1937. Since then, many high-end brands have incorporated premium materials and traditional processes to create sought-after scarves. Not only is the scarf the desired accessory, but it is also practical in use as it can be worn in more than one way. Some of the most high-end scarves are made with hand-embroidered patterns or enhanced aesthetics that make them expensive.

From the brand that first created luxury silk scarves Hermès to fashion houses like Burberry and Fendi, scarves have become a hot-selling accessory worldwide. Let’s take a look at some of the most expensive scarves in the world.

10 Burberry Logo Graphic Cashmere Scarf

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Known for its British luxury, Burberry is known for more than just its signature trench coats. One of the most expensive scarves produced by the brand is the Logo Graphic Scarf costing $1,050, as stated by Burberry. Made from Italian cashmere, along with the logo, it has a Thomas Burberry monogram designed on it. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing it, including Blake Lively, Cara Delevingne, and Liam Payne.

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9 Hermès Giant Scarf

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Known as the Hermès Giant Scarf, it was designed by Nathalie Rich-Fernandez in 2011 and is the only sample ever created by her, making it extremely rare. Made from handmade silk and Soie materials, the scarf comes with a color combination of red, brown, yellow, orange, and black. The handcrafted scarf costs $1,372 on a retail purchase.

8 Fendi Brown Mink Collar

Known for its fur and leather goods, Fendi is as luxurious as a brand can get. One of the most unusual scarves on the list is the brown mink collar designed by Fendi. It features the signature FF logo pattern on the scarf and lining made from mink fur. It has a rare metal detachable clip and comes with a $2,390 price tag. Jennifer Lopez was spotted wearing the mink collar out in the cold.

7 Hermès Silk Cashmere Scarf

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Hugo Grykar designed a scarf more than 50 years old in 1945. The collectible scarf has become a part of Hermès’ vintage 1940s era and is kept in top condition after all the years, protected from sunlight and fading. As mentioned by Money INC, called the Les Proverbes Sont La Sagesse Des Nations, it costs $2,471.

6 Fendi Two-Tone Mink and Knit Scarf

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The Fendi Two-Tone scarf has a FF Karligraphy motif printed on it and is made from 100% mink fur and parts of knitted fabric. Karligraphy was a collection released in 2019 to pay tribute to legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. The mink fur scarf is completed with a long black knit fringe and has a $3,890 price tag due to its unique calligraphy. YouTuber Saffron Barker was spotted wearing the scarf.

5 Hermès Zebra-Pegasus Print Scarf

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One of the most popular pieces by Hermès, the Zebra-Pegasus scarf was designed by Alice Shirley and handcrafted by artisans in India. The rectangular scarf features designs of the mythical Pegasus as the winged horse is overlapped with the zebra pattern. It is made from 100% silk, and the design is enhanced with glass rods and beads, which hiked its price to $5,200.

4 Hermès Suite Reversible Scarf

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Made in a reversible pattern, a scarf can be worn from both sides. It is handcrafted from cashmere, silk, and tweed with hand-rolled edges. It features dazzling colors and Ex-Libris designs in blue, red, and black shades. Handcrafted in India and designed by Cyrille Diatkine, the Hermès Suite Reversible Scarf has a $6,750 price tag.

3 Hermès Silk and Bead Embroidered Scarf

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One of the most expensive pieces sold by Hermès , the silk-made scarf was designed by Christian Renonciat and handcrafted in India. It also features the iconic design of Pegasus on a multicolor design and uses ink printing techniques and Hermès premium artistry to complete the accessory. The fantasy-themed scarf is valued at $7,800.

2 Fendi White Fox Fur Stole

The Fendi scarf is made from white fox fur and is created with tone-on-tone feathers in white. The exceptionally lightweight scarf was designed in Italy, as noted by Fendi. It uses a Flyweave construction that truly makes it unique, and it costs $10,200. Celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Gwyneth Paltrow were spotted wearing the stole.

1 Henri Matisse x Zika Ascher Scarf

The most expensive scarf on the list comes nowhere close to the others, as it was sold for a whopping $4.8 million at a Christie’s London auction in 2011. According to LuxuryLaunches, it is called Oceanie. The scarf was made by a collaboration between Henri Matisse and Zika Ascher in 1946 at Ascher Studio. It sold for a high price as it was kept in reasonable condition over the years.

Other notable brands with expensive scarves include Armani, Gucci, and Versace. While these prices may seem over the top, the scarves represent the deep heritage of their monikers and exude luxury through their fabrics for comfort and style.

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