The staggering amount British teen makes every day on TikTok

When British teenager Alicia Breuer first downloaded TikTok last year, it was just another lockdown pastime – but skip ahead one year and the 17-year-old is making around $19,000 a day with her viral videos.

Breuer, from the English town Milton Keynes, shared how her success on TikTok has put her university plans on hold, reports The Sun.

She’s now raking in lucrative sponsorship deals from the likes of Boohoo, Lancome, Urban Outfitters and Fenty Beauty.

“It gave me something to do during the pandemic when I wasn’t studying for my A-levels,” Breuer explained.

“If I’m now able to make £10,000 (NZ$19,000) some days, I’m going to focus on my videos – there’s no point going to university.”

Her first video to go viral was one in which she was lip-syncing the words to Katy Perry’s 2010 hit song Teenage Dream after she started posting in June 2020.

And while Breuer explains that “the majority of my videos are lip-syncing to music”, she also spends time making beauty and fashion “transition” clips to showcase her make-up and styling skills.

“None of them take too long. Even a transition video only takes an hour to make,” she shares.

And once her videos started to get noticed on the platform, it didn’t take long for her to be signed by a digital talent manager. She’s now earning more than her parents Frank and Tammy, who are both financial advisers.

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Her parents’ careers mean they’re not letting her waste her earnings, as the 17-year-old says she’s being “sensible” about savings.

While Breuer no longer plans to study psychology at university, she shares that her form tutors at school have been “incredibly supportive” of her TikTok career.

“My two really close friends have also been really supportive,” she added. “Whereas I’d probably be jealous if the roles were reversed.”

Breuer says of all her sponsorship deals so far, filming an ad for Amazon’s Alexa was a highlight – she got to do a plank on the roof of a car.

But TikTok actually removed the clip as it was considered too dangerous, which prompted Breuer to reshoot it at home, planking on the kitchen bench.

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