These Are The 10 Most Expensive Gucci Items Ever Sold

Fashion is almost always synonymous with luxury. It makes sense since most of the trends people see these very high-end brands spearhead every season just like the luxury brand Louis Vuitton. In short, these brands dictate how the entire industry works. One brand, in particular, is renowned for its bespoke items. Gucci, an Italian luxury fashion house based in Florence, has been making expensive and luxurious handbags, accessories, and ready-to-wear clothes since the 1920s. Under the tutelage of Aldo Gucci, the brand became a worldwide phenomenon as the icon of the Italian Dolce Vita.

It also expanded its lineup to include fragrances and cosmetics under Gucci Beauty. It has an estimated net worth of $14 billion and is considered one of the most valuable brands in the world. Since Gucci offers its products in exclusive boutiques across the globe, it’s not difficult to imagine just how exorbitant their price tags are. Curious to see what these items are? Keep reading to find out!

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10 Gucci Woven Leather Boot

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As the frontrunners of the luxury fashion industry, people expect House Gucci to churn out new and exciting trends every season. One item that their designers made was the Gucci woven leather boots, whose woven rows and gaps help the ankles and legs breathe. The unconventional design is supposed to make a statement against the traditional leather boot style. The camel hand-woven leather includes a 25mm concealed platform for that extra level of sophistication. At $3,750 per pair, the pretty shoes are undoubtedly pretty expensive.

9 Gucci Genius Jeans

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The Gucci Genius Jeans are stylish and eye-catching, not just because of their design but also because of their price. Its current selling price is $4,000, which is pretty hefty for a pair of pants. Released in 1998, it features hand-stitched floral patterns on each leg. The design also includes feathers, which complement the added African seen throughout the layout. Of course, it is a risky move to design these jeans since one mistake can make the pair of pants look gaudy. But since it’s Gucci, the item became one of their most sought-after items.

8 Gucci Sylvie Purse

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One of the most beautiful handbags made by Gucci is the Sylvie Purse. The handbag might not be included among the handbags owned by Hollywood celebrities but it is still stunning. The creator, Alessandra Miceli, designed the bag to turn heads no matter where the wearer is. The handbag is made from fine Italian leather, with red, white, and blue silk and ribbons. The finishing touch is a pure gold chain that adorns the flap and meets a pure gold buckle in the middle. The understated but elegant design goes with any style, from a simple night out with friends or a semi-formal event. Unfortunately, the current selling point is $4,000, which seems like an investment.

7 Gucci Men’s I-Digital Grammy Special Edition Watch

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This luxury item was made specifically for the 2013 Grammy Awards. Even Kanye West heavily promoted the Gucci Men’s I-Digital Grammy Special Edition Watch, quickly making it one of the most coveted items in the world. The design features a gold clock face and slope, complete with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal screen. The varying sizes of the numbers on the clock form a striking pattern whenever the time is displayed. With a price tag of $7,900, it’s considered one of the most expensive watches.

6 Gucci Sequin Dress

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The Gucci Sequin Dress is a gorgeous fabric made from delicate silk georgette and fully decked out in gold sequins. The dress doesn’t have an innovative design since Gucci already manufactures a selection of sequin dresses before this. But the gold sequins dazzle anyone who sees it, making it a shiny and iconic piece in luxury fashion history. The Gucci Sequin Dress also made headlines when singer-songwriter Beyonce Knowles bought it for $12,900 and only wore it once. Now that’s a power move!

5 Gucci Biker Jacket

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This item is considered the most expensive Gucci product made for men. It’s made from high-quality calfskin leather and is covered by metal studs, zippers, and chains. The studded design that covers the sleeves, collars, and pockets is reminiscent of the punk-rocker style that became popular in the 80s. The creator behind the Gucci Sylvie bag, Alessandra Miceli, states the jacket took inspiration from London’s punk scene. The jacket has 17 different types of studs and reportedly takes 40 hours to complete. No wonder it sells for $18,650.

4 Gucci 1921 Collection Medium Shoulder Bag

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Gucci’s 1921 Collection Medium Shoulder Bag has a price tag of $28,990, with good reason. The vintage style has been almost unchanged since its release in 1921 and holds out on its own against newer and more fashion-forward trends. The purse is made from crocodile skin, with gold hardware adorning the straps and middle. It is also available in different colors. It is timeless, classy, and encapsulates the entire brand of Gucci. Numerous celebrities have purchased the item, including Cameron Diaz and Victoria Beckham.

3 Soft Stirrup Black Crocodile Shoulder Bag

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The third-most expensive item on this list goes to another handbag from Gucci, namely the Soft Stirrup Black Crocodile Shoulder Bag.  Although it is not included in the most expensive handbag ever sold, it is still quite expensive. The leather bag is made from high-quality crocodile skin leather and adds a solid gold buckle in the center for a finishing touch. Unfortunately, the luxury bag is unavailable for sale to the general public. This means each order is made specifically for Gucci’s VIPs by the brand’s finest artisans in Florence. Rare, beautiful, and understated, this shoulder bag costs $30,000 each.

2 Gucci Crocodile Tote Bag With Bamboo Handle

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The Crocodile Tote Bag with Bamboo Handle is made from crocodile skin and features the crocodile’s scales as its selling point. Crocodile leather is already costly, especially if the material used is from an older crocodile. The bag is very durable, topped with a hand-carved bamboo handle, and includes notches alongside it to ensure the wearer’s grip will not slip. The purse also consists of an additional strap attached to the side to give the user an option to sling it over their shoulder. The handbag currently costs $32,000, making it one of the most expensive purses ever.

1 Gucci Stuart Hughes Belt

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The Gucci Stuart Hughes Belt is, by far, the most expensive item that Gucci has ever sold. It has been one of the brand’s flagship items since its start. This is not the only expensive product of Stuart Hughes, they also made the most expensive suit in the world. The belt is made from fine Italian leather and features Gucci’s iconic double G logo. But its selling point is the belt buckle, with hand-encrusted 30-karat diamonds adorning the double G buckle. This item is a part of Gucci’s collab with Goldstriker International, a company specializing in customizable luxury goods. The Gucci Stuart Hughes Belt costs a whopping $250,000, making it an exclusive item only afforded by billionaires.

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