These smart ways for getting the last drop out of your makeup could save you lots of money

With the cost of living shooting up, many of us are looking for ways to make our money go further. If you’re a makeup lover, the idea of skimping on beauty buys probably doesn’t seem overly appealing to you – but what if we told you that there are plenty of clever ways to make your beauty products last longer?

You might think a product has finished and needs replacing, but there’s often much more formula left inside the tubes and bottles, you just can’t see it. So, from adding boiling water to “finished” foundations to transforming the last dregs of product into something new, here are the best ways to make your products last longer (and work harder)!

Store your bottles upside down

It sounds simple but when your foundation, or any liquid makeup, is looking nearly empty, store the bottle upside down so you don’t have to throw it away immediately. Or try to bash the bottom to get the remaining dregs.

Turn lipstick into a tinted balm

If your bullet-shaped lipstick is nearing an end, or if it’s breaking at the tip, don’t worry, you can easily turn it into lipgloss and get months of extra wear out of it. The process is very easy: empty the broken or the remaining lipstick into a microwave-safe bowl, add about twice as much shea or cocoa butter and then microwave the mixture for 20ish seconds.

Give it a good mix then pour the tinted liquid into a small, round container (you can buy these see-through cosmetic pots very cheaply from Primark or Poundland).

Repair eyeshadow with rubbing alcohol

This trick works with any broken powder: blusher, eyeshadow, face powder or bronzer. Start by pressing the product into the compact in a bid to get the broken powder pieces as flat as possible. Next, add around 1tbsp of rubbing alcohol directly on top of the powder. Leave it for a few minutes, allowing the liquid to soak in, then press the powder down again. You can smooth over the surface with a butter knife to make it look neat and flat.

Leave the compact overnight to make sure it’s properly dried out. Press the powder with a tissue before you use it as this will get any last moisture out of the product.

Cut open plastic makeup tubes

Is your liquid blush, bronzer or foundation packaged in a plastic tube? If you can’t squeeze any further product out of it, simply snip the end of the tube and decant any remaining product into another one of those small pots we mentioned before.

Dunk mascara in hot water

Is your mascara looking and feeling a little dried-out? Magic it back to life by popping the tube (firmly shut) into a glass of hot water. Leave it there for a few minutes and then unscrew and apply the formula as normal.

Some people have also reported that adding a few drops of micellar water to dried-out mascaras can often bring them back to life. The same principle applies to old nail varnishes, just add acetone to the bottles instead of micellar.

Add boiling water to foundations

This hack went viral on TikTok last year, and it’s still being used by plenty of savvy beauty fans. All you have to do is take your near-empty foundation bottle and put the kettle on boil.

Add a small amount of the boiling water to the bottle and give it a good shake – you should see foundation slipping off the sides of the glass into the bottom of the bottle. When you see the water separate from the foundation, you can tip this away. The result should be more foundation to pump out whenever you fancy it.

Turn foundation into a tinted moisturiser

If you want to make your foundation last longer, mix a drop of it in with your face cream to turn it into a tinted moisturiser. Not only will this give your skin a gorgeous glow but it will also mean your foundation lasts much longer than if you were just using it neat on your skin.


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