This is why you shouldnt hang your knitwear and how wooden hangers can save your clothes

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While a lot of us have turned our backs on fast fashion and begun our journey to a more sustainable wardrobe, keeping your clothes in good knick is key in order to avoid purchasing new clothes each month.

We’re all aware of the typical ‘blotting stains instead of wiping’ and ‘putting out of season clothes away’ tricks but we’ve found some little tips and hacks that you may not know about and it's all thanks to the home insurance experts , and you may be surprised by some of them.

Fold or Hang?

Depending on your wardrobe space, it’s likely that you have certain clothes hung up while some are folded away neatly in your chest of draws. Little did you know that there are certain items that should be hung and some that should be folded away depending on their weight and material and this can actually make a big difference to your garment's life span…

The clothes you should hang are: pleated items, smart trousers, dresses, blazers, any clothes prone to crease, lightweight pieces and blouses.

The clothes you should fold are: knitwear, jumpers and hoodies, slinky/stretchy materials, anything embellished, t-shirts and jeans.

Storing your clothes

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Storing your items in the correct place is key. Ensure you store your clothes in clean, dry and cool environments and keep away from direct sunlight. Giving your clothes breathing space will prevent fading, wrinkling and evidently will expand their life span.

Using waterproof boxes, which are quite common for under bed storage will protect them from dust, mould, moths and any spiders (gross) and try to stay clear of direct contact with wood as it contains acid that damages textiles over a period of time. Investing in expensive wooden hangers will also take better care of your clothes as plastic and wire hangers are known for shoulders and necklines stretching.

Air drying

One of the more obvious tips is staying clear of tumble dryers, it can often lead to shrinking of fabrics and break down of elastic regardless of what the label says. Not only does air drying extend your clothes lifeline it also uses less energy, saves money and the impact on the environment.

Washing dark clothing

We all probably own tons of dark clothing and it’s no secret that the darkness can fade over time and look naff, but by turning them inside out before washing will actually help prevent them fading as quickly – try this with jeans too.

Wash your clothing less frequently

Machine washing can be extremely harsh on your clothes, particularly more fragile items and little did you know that some items really don’t need to be washed as often – try only washing your clothes when they smell or are visibly dirty.

Zips can ruin your clothes

Zips can actually damage not only your washing machine but also your clothes, be sure to zip it up before tossing it in the machine to avoid damage or if you’re really worried, choose to hand wash those items.

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And lastly, make sure you always read the care label – you’ll thank us later!

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