Three places you're forgetting to clean – and just how gross they can get

Even the most house-proud people miss a spot from time to time while cleaning.

This influencer’s video, however, shows the parts of our homes many of us forget – and the grime lurking there will shock you.

Australian blogger Carolina McCauley – who has over a million Instagram followers thanks to her ‘home hack’ content – shared the video this week, looking at hidden dirt traps around the house.

The three areas that are neglected most, according to Carolina, are plugholes, washing machine filters, and cooker hood filters.

Walking through her home, she revealed how (and how often) she gets them clean, using household staple products to curb buildup.

Carolina’s plug was the first to get the treatment, with the mum-of-two showing how to remove the covering and get to the mildew underneath.

Even the cleanest-looking sinks can harbour dirt, with this trap compartment rarely being opened for a wipe down. In Carolina’s case, she used baking soda, washing up liquid, and a battery-powered scrubbing tool to shift what she found.

Her followers have pointed out that you should check how your pipes connect before removing the plughole cap.

‘Unscrewing the plughole like that will loosen the plumbing underneath,’ said one, adding, ‘you may well end up needing a plumber to put everything back in place again.’

Most modern sinks are designed to be taken apart for cleaning, but you should take care if you do, using a bucket under the drainpipe below to catch any trapped water that might spill out. Ensure everything is screwed back in before running water, too.

You shouldn’t need to do this super regularly, just whenever you remember or if you start to notice a smell coming from your drain

Next up on Carolina’s list was oven filters. Extractor fan hoods take in the grease released while we cook, but how often do you remember to clean the filters in yours?

She recommends a ‘deep clean’ once a fortnight, soaking the metal filter in boiling water and dishwasher tablets to loosen the sticky oil.

Commenters hailed the grease-cutting abilities of the tablets, with one saying: ‘OMG dishwasher tablets for the range hoods!!! Will definitely try this next time!!’

The last area of our homes that’s often left out of cleaning routines is the washing machine. It does all our washing for us, but rarely gets a scrub itself.

Carolina twisted out the filter part of her machine, draining the stagnant water that had accumulated in there into a pan. She advises doing this once a month.

The result of a sparkling washing machine is better-smelling clothes and improved stain removal.

‘I did my washing machine filter thing the other day and the water smelt like rotten egg,’ said one person under Carolina’s video, so the proof is in the pudding.

Try not to feel too overwhelmed at what we’re told we ‘should’ be doing. It’s your home and your rules after all.

But if you’re finding that the place never seems truly clean – even after you’ve completed your usual routine – heading to these spots might reveal the answer.

Always check the safety labels of products you use (to avoid the dangerous consequences of mixing certain chemicals) and go at your own pace.

You’ll likely be surprised at the hidden dirt you uncover, but you’re not alone. And if these appliances weren’t grimy, we wouldn’t get the satisfaction of getting rid of it.

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