TK Maxx mocked for £100 shoes that look ‘perfect for a foot-and-mouth epidemic’

Shoppers have mocked a pair of designer shoes on sale at TK Maxx saying that look like they're covered with swimming pool-style shoe guards.

Others joked that the £100 footwear by Joseph were "perfect" for wearing during a foot and mouth epidemic.

The black and blue creation were also dubbed 'operating chic' and that they gave off a 'swimming pool look.'

Janet McConnell posted snaps of the boots from TK Maxx's website, adding: "Amazing! They really have captured that 'Swimming pool' look!!"

Lauren Matthews said: "Perfect for when you want to look fancy during a foot and mouth epidemic!"

Sarah Elizabeth said: "You could visit a show home and not have to worry about putting little plastic protectors on the bottom of your shoes!"

Kerri Hillard said: "Looks like something you'd wear during a foot & mouth outbreak."

Stuart Java said; "When you have to perform surgery at 6 but be at the club by 7."

And Helen Burnett added: "When you visit someone and have to wipe your feet on the way out."

Others said the footwear was "abattoir chic."

Jayne Nicoll said: "When you have lunch at 11 and a crime scene at 12."

Alice Taylor added: "Voila! I can't tell you how long I have been searching for some boots, kinda cowboy style, but not and look like you're wearing floor protectors but with the heel showing through.

"Amazing people amazing!"

Claire HillI said: "I wore something like that when I worked in an isolation unit in a hospital.

"We threw them away, if I had known I could sell them them I'd be quid in."

Nicola Rachel Wilson said: "But handy if you go to the swimming pool. Often I can't be faffed with endlessly putting those bloody things on."

And Jenny Munro-Hunt said: "Definitely good for visiting a showhome.

"Then when you trample dirt all over the cream carpets you can run away laughing 'haha these are just my shoes! Joke's on you, Barrett Homes!"

Joseph is a British label founded in 1966 by Casablanca-born Joseph Ettedgui.

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