Tom Brady’s Body Coach on How Quarterback Got Ready for 10th Super Bowl & What Cheat Days Look Like

Seven Super Bowl rings later, it's clear that NFL quarterback Tom Brady is doing something right — and his longtime body coach is divulging some of the keys to the athlete's ongoing success.

Earlier this month, Brady played in his 10th Super Bowl, helping secure victory for his new team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9, and Brady, 43, was named MVP of Super Bowl LV. He also became the oldest NFL player to participate in the championship game in any position, ever, with the Feb. 7 game.

TB12 co-founder Alex Guerrero tells PEOPLE that employing their "proven" method before and during the season was crucial to Brady's on-the-field dominance.

"This was an unprecedented year, not to mention a new city," Guerrero, 56, says. "This year we included pool workouts and, of course, even a park eviction." (Brady was spotted working out in a Tampa Bay park that was closed amid the COVID-19 pandemic last April and asked to leave, but the incident made headlines.)

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Continues Guerrero, "We worked on a number of things to prevent overload to his elbows and shoulders, and maintaining mobility and strength through his hips and spine. But the constant through it all was the hard work and determination that propelled Tom personally.  "

TB12, which Guerrero and Brady developed in 2013 after eight years of working together, is a tailored approach to all-around health, as well as key facets of performance and recovery.

"TB12 delivers a proven method of holistic health and wellness focusing on performance and recovery while incorporating muscle pliability, functional conditioning, hydration, and nutrition," Guerrero explains. "Our goal is really to help people do what they love better and for longer."

Part of that holistic approach is diet, which Brady has long made headlines for. Famously, what the quarterback eats is rather restrictive, including no nightshade vegetables and minimal lean meat and fish.

But even the superstar athlete has cheat days.

Says Guerrero, "Although he puts a lot of greens on his plate, Tom has adopted more flexibility generally to find harmony and balance with his food. We believe in variety. If he wants pizza, he'll eat it. He just wants it to be a really good slice and he doesn't do it that often."

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Brady's routine may seem challenging or even overwhelming for the average athlete, but Guerrero tells PEOPLE anyone can implement TB12's approach.

"Staying hydrated is one of the simplest things you can do to keep yourself healthy and accelerate muscle recovery," Guerrero says. "If you want to maximize your ability to perform and recover, you need to make hydration a habit and fully commit to it."

He adds, "Cognitive wellness, maintaining a positive mindset, and getting enough quality sleep are also critical for both your athletic performance and overall wellness. "

Really, Guerrero says, those interested should just "start simple with the easy things first."

"Set goals that are realistic as progressive steps that are sustainable," he advises.

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