Trump Real Estate: A Look At All The Houses Owned By Former U.S. Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the former US president, is reportedly considering running again for the presidency in 2024. Before he began his career in politics, the business mogul amassed a massive property portfolio for both personal and commercial usage. From his family’s house to his New York estate to his faltering Florida resort, let’s explore Donald Trump’s real estate empire.

Trump’s Personal Penthouse

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Trump spends the majority of his time at Trump Tower, a gigantic Fifth Avenue edifice that houses both his corporate empire’s offices and his personal apartment, a three-story penthouse meant to resemble the Palace of Versailles. The enormous apartment, which offers nearly unrivaled views of Central Park, is decorated in classic Trump fashion, with 24-karat gold and diamond accents, mountains of marble, and intricate, hand-painted ceiling murals. Trump is known for the most luxurious properties, and his palatial mansion at 725 Fifth Avenue is one of the most expensive in New York City and would certainly fetch up to $100 million if it were put up for sale today.

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Trump Parc & Trump Park Ave.

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In addition to his opulent Manhattan penthouse, Trump owns close to forty additional Manhattan properties. When he was famous for building homes from the ground up, the property magnate constructed a series of upscale Manhattan condominium structures, including Trump Parc at 106 Central Park South and Trump Park Avenue at 505 Park Avenue.

Trump had the foresight to hold on to roughly 40 units in the two buildings, despite the fact that the vast majority of the units had been sold years earlier. He has since rented them out for up to $100,000 per month. Daughter Ivanka shares a residence on Trump Park Avenue with her husband Jared Kushner and their children Arabella and Joseph. The wager was profitable. According to recent rumors, Trump recently sold one of the penthouses at Trump Park Avenue for $21 million.


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This opulent property is the pinnacle of Palm Beach palaces. The Mar-a-Lago country club, which is located on a 17-acre property and features a ballroom that is 20,000 square feet in size and was originally used as a private residence but is now operated as a hotel, is possibly one of the most valued possessions that Donald Trump owns. The property, where stars including Oprah, Michael Jackson, and Celine Dion have been, has also hosted several Trump weddings, including Eric Trump and Lara Yunask’s 2014 ceremony. It is estimated to be worth over $250 million, falling short of the White House’s value of $317 million.

Seven Springs

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Trump also has a huge private summer residence in Bedford, New York, with 60 rooms, two wings for staff, 15 bedrooms, three pools, one of which is clad in Italian marble, a bowling alley, and 230 acres of property. In 1996, he paid $7.5 million for the Seven Springs property with the intention of developing it into another Trump-branded golf course but ultimately abandoned those plans. There are presently approvals for the construction of fourteen additional homes on the estate, but Trump has not yet utilized them.

Instead, the Trump family utilizes the property as an escape from the city, where they ride ATVs, go hiking, and fish. Trump reportedly permitted Muammar Gaddafi of Libya to reside in a tent while attending the UN Summit, as no hotels would accommodate him. The main residence was constructed in 1919 by the late chairman of the Federal Reserve, Eugene Meyer.

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The Kluge Estate

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Trump can remain at Trump Vineyard Estates, a 2,000-acre property he owns in Charlottesville, Virginia if he desires to travel south. The enormous property, which consists of a 23,000-square-foot mansion and a thriving winery and vineyard, was originally owned by John Kluge, a German-born entrepreneur who was formerly the wealthiest person in the United States.

After Kluge’s widow, Patricia Kluge, failed on her obligations and Bank of America seized the property, Trump purchased it for a discount price of $14.4 million. Trump acquired the front and back yards of the property before negotiating with the bank for the greatest price on the house itself. He allowed the yards to become overgrown and then placed “No Trespassing” signs throughout the lawns to deter other potential purchasers and receive the optimum price from the bank.

Beverly Hills Abode

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Trump is able to retreat to his luxury estate in Beverly Hills, which is designed in the Colonial style and located on Rodeo Drive. The mansion has six bedrooms and five bathrooms. It features a tennis court that is illuminated at night, a pool, a spa, a library, a media room, marble floors, original moldings, and a magnificent staircase with a curved design that is suitable for a movie star.

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