We hate our neighbour's huge 32ft hedge – we're terrified it'll catch fire and it's ruining our lives… we want it gone | The Sun

A COUPLE has been embroiled in a spat with their neighbour over a huge 34ft hedge that they're terrified will catch fire.

Heather and Chris Purvis claim the trees tower over their garden, blocking sunlight and making their lives a misery.

The Scottish pair also say it's like living next to a "tinderbox in waiting".

But their neighbours have fought back and won, so the hedge is there to stay.

The Purvis' recently turned to the Fife Council, hoping its high hedge legislation could see the 32ft trees felled.

They couple, who claimed the greenery was impacting their mental health, also wrote a letter to the Government.

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In it, Heather said: "In the winter months we get no sunlight at all, and daylight is very limited, the ground cement finish is covered with green algae."

"We also must consider the fire risk in all of this, these trees caught fire in June 2019.

"With all the trees and wooden fencing surrounding both properties, this is a tinderbox in waiting."

But their neighbours slammed the claims.

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They penned: "It is impossible for the hedge to block sunlight and it cannot impact how their garden can be used.

"Their back garden enjoys plenty of sun throughout the majority of the day. It isn’t our trees that block sun but the trees at the back of their own house.

"Our trees give us a very private enclosed back garden, we prefer the trees to grow naturally to allow birds to nest and do not like tightly trimmed conifer hedges."

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They also blasted the idea that the trees were a fire risk.

After the Fire Council rejected their bid, the Purvis' went to the Government to appeal it.

Which, to the devastation, was also thrown out.

Rejecting the appeal bid, government reporter Philip McLean said: "I find that the three high hedges do not adversely affect the enjoyment that an occupant could reasonably expect to have, either individually or cumulatively.

"No action is therefore warranted to reduce the height of any of the hedges."

It's not uncommon for neighbours to row over hedges.

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