Were the worlds most tattooed people – and strangers attack us for our ink

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    Tattoo fans opened up about the worst backlash they have received because of their appearance.

    Many have been targeted physically while others were left feeling uncomfortable in public after being judged for their ink.

    Here, some of the world’s most tattooed people share their most unpleasant experiences while explaining how it affected them.

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    Chris Dalzell

    Chris Dalzell is known as “Ireland’s most tattooed man” because he inked 95% of his skin.

    He got his 600+ tattoos to help cope with his daughter suffering from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a rare condition affecting connective tissues.

    The chef, from Bangor, Northern Ireland, said he was refused a job because of the body art on his face.

    And in public he claimed strangers secretly record him when he’s simply out with his kids.

    The dad told Daily Star: “People take pictures of me without my consent in public and I don’t like that.

    “I don’t pick up on it so much but my kids do. I have a wee stepson and he will say ‘Chris, that girl over there is taking pictures of you’.

    “Anybody I speak to say that I prefer if people come up and ask for photos. If people want a photo with me that’s fine but have one on my own and don’t do it without consent with my kids in it.”

    Amber Luke

    Australian tattoo model Amber Luke has been branded “ugly scum” after covering 98% of her body in ink.

    Constant trolling made the Brisbane influencer stronger but the jibes have been cruel, with some keyboard warriors saying she should never be a mum.

    She wrote on Instagram last year: “Fun fact about me – I am Australian/Aboriginal and also have Chinese blood in me – hence my small eyes.

    “I got bullied A LOT growing up – people loved to project their own insecurities onto me to make me feel inadequate.

    “And to this day – nothing has changed… how ironic lol.

    “I get called ugly, a degenerate, a scum, a waste of oxygen and also get told I shouldn’t reproduce – on a daily basis.”

    The influencer added: “Society is a proper a***hole man, stay in your lane and mind your own damn business!

    “The person you’re scrutinising could be so catatonically depressed and your s*** opinion and judgment could just be enough to push them over to edge.


    Aimee Smith

    In her hometown of Oakham, East Mids, Aimee Smith is known as the “girl with the tattoos” and her appearance is celebrated.

    But on the internet, the alternative model, 23, is marginalised and attacked over her extreme ink.

    The mum-of-three recently told Daily Star: “There was an article and the majority of the comments were not very nice.

    “There were a lot of people saying I had destroyed myself. I can’t even count the amount of comments of people telling me I was ugly.

    “There were a lot of people with different beliefs and they were saying my choice of lifestyle was in line with the Devil as such.

    “It's quite… it does get to you. They were probably the worst comments I’ve had so far. Had I made those comments about someone it would have been seen as bullying.”

    Deedee Villegas

    Tattoo addict Deedee Villegas, from Cebu, Philippines, is regularly scrutinised on public transport for having black eyeballs.

    Speaking about the daily discrimination on the Toni Gonzaga Studio show, she said: “There were times I couldn’t handle using public transport anymore, because there was physical [discrimination].”

    And she said the most frightening situation was when missionaries started praying at her on a minibus.

    “That was the scariest,” she remembered. ”They simply opened their Bibles and said, ‘in Jesus’ name, in Jesus’ name’.

    “I was just speechless, I didn’t know if I should get off, then our fellow passengers had the same reaction, they were just stunned.”

    Despite the uncomfortable moments, Deedee now embraces such judgement and she described it is a powerful motivator to prove people wrong.

    Tobias Müller

    Zookeeper Tobias Müller has hundreds of inklings including the words “I don’t believe in humans” and “destroy everything” on his face.

    The 33-year-old, from Dortmund, Germany, said he is frequently threatened over his aesthetic and has to be careful in public.

    Tobias, who also has subdermal implants, a split tongue and stretched earlobes, told Daily Star: “I get different reactions… Some people are interested and will ask about it or they will ask for a picture with me. But others react aggressively and they can be derogatory and insulting.

    “Some are even fearful and they change sides of the street or change places on the train and things like that.

    “I have such things regularly… On the street is mostly disgusted looks, gossip or stupid sayings from a distance.

    “Then on the internet I get hateful comments and insults or puking emojis. I get insinuations or threats every week.”

    He faces no backlash at work but said those who don’t know him assume he is an “unemployed criminal on drugs”.

    Melissa Sloan

    Melissa Sloan famously gets three tattoos a week but the Welsh mum has been called a “freak” in front of her kids.

    The 45-year-old struggles to get jobs and has been left feeling like an outcast.

    She told us: "It’s crazy. I went shopping the other day to get my kids' school clothes. It’s a nightmare.

    “I walk through the town and they [the public] are staring and they point . I think what are they doing that for, what is the matter with them.

    “Worse, the more I have the more they think I’m a freak.

    “They look at me and don’t know how to take my, I reckon. They jump out of the way and I think ‘what are you doing that for?’ It’s horrible."

    The mum-of-two added: “I don’t like going to the shops anymore, I’ll only go if I have to because it’s just a drama.

    “The more [tattoos] you get on, they think I’m a freak.”


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