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From a career clinic with one of the UK’s leading executive coaches to an inside look at the final weeks of Kentucky’s only independent abortion clinic before the US Supreme Court’s devastating ruling on Roe v Wade, this is what to expect from Stylist Extra this week. 

In case you’ve missed it, Stylist Extra is our shiny new platform dedicated to unmissable, thoughtful journalism, covering everything from culture and relationships to psych insights and the latest lifestyle trends, alongside regular live events and interactive career clinics. Here’s a rundown of everything we have coming up over the next week…

The week began with all of us processing the horrific news that Roe v Wade, the landmark decision in 1973 that protected a pregnant person’s right to abortion across the US, had been overturned, and Stylist spoke to a woman at Kentucky’s only independent abortion clinic about the reality of working there in the frantic weeks running up to this decision. Heartbreak, meanwhile, was on another writer’s mind as she checked into a specialist retreat in an attempt to recover from a particularly bad break-up and learned about the power of connecting with others going through the same thing.

One writer checks into a heartbreak hotel

In need of advice? Stylist’s fashion and beauty director and columnist Billie Bhatia has got you. This week, she’ll be addressing what to do if you’re about to be the “broke friend” this summer (thanks, cost of living crisis). In the world of careers, our Honest Boss column, where our anonymous columnist with 25 years of career coaching experience is tasked with answering your most pressing questions, will be exploring the complexities of feeling like you’re stuck in a career rut and, crucially, how to get excited about work again. 

On Thursday, you’ll also have the chance to put your burning work/life worries to an industry-leading insider as executive coach to some of the UK’s leading companies and former magazine editor-in-chief Marie O’Riordan will be our special guest at Stylist’s monthly online Careers Clinic – click here for more info. 

Later in the week, writer Amelia Tait will be exploring the murky world of why women’s self-defence products are booming on TikTok, and Stylist’s own Lauren Geall will be diving into the psychology behind why we judge our athletes so harshly on the back of Emma Raducanu’s tough media week. While our weekly style list will round up 30 pay day treats you won’t want to miss – from interiors to fashion picks to books. 

Complicit by Winnie M Li is Stylist’s book of the week

If you’re looking for fiction to get stuck into, then look no further than an exclusive extract of Complicit by Winnie M Li, which shines a light on misogyny and abuse in the film industry and is our book of the week. On Saturday, you can dive into our latest Stylist Short Story, Another Day Being Amirah, by writer Asli Jensen, which explores the tensions of bringing up a child alone.

Finish the week with our in-depth Sunday long read from writer Kieran Yates, which explores the ethics of the burgeoning life coaching industry, including why we’re seeking outside advice more than ever and, interestingly, why these coaches are becoming increasingly niche (‘manifestation’ and ‘joy’ coaches, we’re looking at you). So if you fancy something extra this week, we hope to see you there!

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