Woman posts candid bikini snap and accuses influencers of brainwashing fans

Karina Irby has taken to Instagram to expose influencers who allegedly “brainwash” their fans.

The 32-year-old influencer boasts her own bikini brand and 1.2 million followers on social media.

She often posts snaps in her swimwear, flaunting her curves without worrying about airbrushing her appearance.

The Australian stunner is not shy about posting unedited snaps of herself that go against the usual heavily posed snaps found online.

The influencer has revealed in her latest post that she is “tired” of people being “fake” on the internet.

With this in mind, Karina has decided to share a very “real” picture of herself to attempt to provide a refreshing look on social media.

Donning an orange bikini top, Karina snapped a shot of herself from a low angle.

Brandishing a white pearly smile, she relaxed her belly and slicked her wet hair back off of her face.

Alongside her “real” snap, Karina explained the reasoning for the post.

She captioned the photo: “I get so tired of most peoples fake f***ery on the internet.

“I don’t know if they’re brainwashing themselves or their followers more.

“Most people pretend to have the perfect ‘everything’ on here but it’s so important to knowledge our realness too.”

The influencer continued: “Whether that be body image, mental health, personal experiences and journeys. Or even simply your actual personality.

“Life is a lot more than having Facetuned bodies, Chanel handbags and having a big digital number next to your name.

“If you want to be an influencer online, maybe try to actually positively influence people. Instead of trying to prove to everyone you’re someone you’re not.”

The blonde bombshell finished her post with a simple message, asking her followers to “keep it real".

Many people fled to the comments to praise Karina for her "real" snap.

One person commented: “Finally I can read something that matters in IG, I'm so happy that someone with a voice can use it for the good of a generation, this is for me a real influencer.”

Another user added: “You are my favourite REAL person I follow. YOU are the inspiration (and vulnerability) we could all benefit from. AND you are gorgeous! Thank you for lifting us all up.”

A third person said: “You are gorgeous! Inside and out!”

Someone else expressed: “This is why I love you!!!! keep being your amazing self. You’re appreciated.”

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