Woman shares baffling hack to cool down gin and tonic when you don’t have ice

Many of us like enjoying a glass of gin and tonic every now and again as a treat.

However, there is nothing worse than lukewarm alcohol.

Thankfully, one woman has come up with a unique way of cooling down her beverage.

Most of us would just put ice cubes in to make the drink nice and cold, however one woman appears to have got experimental.

In those cases where you don't have any ice in the freezer, why not try her method of putting frozen peas in the glass?

Alanda, from Melbourne, Australia, took to Facebook to share her hack to make sure your G&T is always cold.

The mum-of-two has says she pours a heap of frozen peas into a plastic bag, ties it up and places it in her glass to cool things down.

Sharing a snap of the trick online, Alanda wrote: "When you really want a gin but don't want to wait for ice. Frozen peas in a sandwich bag it is then!"

Since she shared the hack, Alanda has been praised by some for her unique idea.

It also prompted others to share their own ideas, such as using frozen grapes or berries instead of peas.

Some also said that perhaps it might be better to place the spirit you are using in the freezer to keep your drink chilled.

One person asked: "Have you tried frozen grapes? They don't water down your drink and are great to chuck in the freezer."

While another wrote: "Invest in frozen blueberries, it's a game changer."

Who knew there were so many ways to cool down your gin?

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We're definitely going to need to stock up on some more frozen peas for this lot.

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