Woman traumatised for breastfeeding husband to help clear blocked milk duct

A woman joked she was left with post-traumatic stress disorder after her husband breastfed from her to clear a clogged milk duct.

Jennifer, from Alaska, US, shared her struggle while breastfeeding her newborn Adelina after she realised her milk duct was blocked and she couldn't get the milk out to feed her baby.

The clog turned into mastitis and left her in agonising pain until Jennifer found a solution online – to ask her husband to suck the clog out.

"Mind you, never in a million years I would have ever considered letting my husband breastfeed off of me, nor has he ever wanted to," she clarified.

She endured two days of pain and asked if her husband wanted to help her out.

To her surprise, he said: "I would do that for you but I might gag, I might throw up."

The couple grabbed themselves a bowl so the husband could spit it out and it cleared the blockage.

Recalling the experience, her husband shared his thoughts in a second video: "Yeah I breastfed from my wife. She was in a lot of pain but it was a different kind of experience.

"I felt like I was sucking poison out of you, like you had a snake bite and I had to… It was overwhelming when it unclogged.

"It went from dot, dot, dot… then spray to the back of my mouth."

He also gave a 10 out of 10 for the taste and said he would do it again only if Jennifer has a blocked milk duct.

Jennifer's video went viral with more than 12 million views since she posted it on TikTok last week.

One said: "Not all heroes wear cape, some wear bibs."

"I feel like this is the kind of thing that happens and we never talk about – you're the true hero for sharing the story!" a second added.

Some mums said they had similar experience and were glad that their partner also helped out.

"I've woken up to mastitis at 3am and my husband woke up and sucked it out no question asked. He's a winner," one shared.

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