Woman tries to ‘fix gummy smile’ with 6 rounds of Botox – but has major regrets

A woman trying to "fix her gummy smile" regrets having six Botox injections in her lips.

Drea Randolph, from Arkansas, US, said she did not like showing too much gum when she smiled.

She also felt self conscious about seeing more gum on one side than the other.

The TikToker decided to inject Botox in hopes to correct it – but the result came out different than she expected.

In a viral video seen by more than 4.5 million times, she confessed: "I got Botox to fix my gummy smile and I can't go back."

She shows pictures of her smile before getting the injections.

Then she looks at the camera and grins, revealing how her upper lip does not go up as much due to the Botox.

Drea wrote: "I know it’ll come back in two to three months, but the 'you look like a who from whoville' comments are testing me."

She revealed that she spent $60 (£43) for six injections.

Some viewers said she did not need to get Botox at first place. One wrote: "It wasn't even gummy before."

Another commented: "I'm sorry I laughed at this but thankfully it's not permanent!"

Drea replied: "It's okay. I know I messed up, but the beauty is that it'll go away in a couple of months and now I know better.

"The issue is that it [the Botox] was just too much for me so it looks the the way it does."

She explained in a second video that she was doing it for herself and not for anyone else.

Drea added: "I just don't like how specifically this (left) side, it went up higher than it did on the other side, that was my main area of concern.

"And obviously you can see this side, the lip went a little bit over corrected too because it goes down lower rather than going up higher."

Oh dear…

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