Woman wears condom on her leg to prove that theres no penis too big

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An adult store manager has posted a video showing her employee putting on a condom on her leg while sharing a message to viewers — that there is no penis too big for the condom.

El, 22, works at a sex shop in US, shared the video to "prove" to men that they shouldn't give excuses not to wear protection when having sex.

In the now viral TikTok clip seen more than 12 million times, her colleague Jo takes off her shoe and puts a condom over her leg.

As she pulls higher, the latex stretches and covers all the way up to her thigh.

The overlay-text pops up, showing some of the common "excuses" they have heard customers saying when they refused to buy condoms.

El has heard them saying that the condoms "won't fit" and it "hurts" them because they have big penis.

Some viewers accused El and jo to pick an "extra large" size to try to make their argument across.

But the manager said: "We didn't just grab a certain kind we knew that would go over someone's leg, we just grabbed the nearest non-lubricated because no one wants lubricant on their foot.

"The adult male penis size is between 5.1in and 5.5in and the average condom size starts at 6.7in and goes up to an average of 8.3in."

Others were shocked by the comments, with one saying: "The only valid excuse I've heard is 'I'm allergic to latex', which is completely fair."

"The way it just keeps going…" another wrote and a third added: "It's the forbidden leggings."

A fourth penned: "Thank you for educating little girls because we have all heard this lie."

One saw it as a "shoe hack", saying: "It's great trick to wear this at music festival, waterproof for sure."

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