Woman Who Found Secret Entrance to Neighboring Apartment Gives Surprising Update to Ellen

The girl who got “Candyman” trending hasn’t done much to fix her situation.

Earlier this month, New Yorker Samantha Hartsoe went viral after she realized her bathroom mirror doubled as a secret entrance to the neighboring — and abandoned — apartment.

On Tuesday, she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she revealed she — or her landlord, more likely — hasn’t done anything to close up the mystery hole connecting the two units.

Explaining the situation to Ellen, Hartsoe said she was initially “upset” to discover her bathroom mirror easily came right off the wall. “I’m thinking, I’m brushing my teeth, I’m taking out my Invisalign, and at any point this mirror could have [fallen off] and I’m done,” she said.

She then realized that not only did it come off, but that there was no wall behind it — and instead, a hole she could squeeze through to access the place next door.

Ellen had a number of concerns after watching the video of Hartsoe venturing into the other apartment. “What if somebody was in there?” she asked. “Where I went is when you’re not home, somebody is taking that mirror off on the other side and coming into your apartment.”

“These are all good questions,” said Hartsoe, who said her curiosity won out over any safety concerns.

Candyman Trends After Woman Finds Secret, Hidden Apartment Behind Her Mirror

DeGeneres then asked if she’s “secured” the mirror yet, “so someone can’t take it off and climb into your apartment?” With a laugh, Hartsoe shook her head and said, “No.”

“When we finish talking, you should do that!” exclaimed DeGeneres. “None of it’s comforting, Samantha! If we have time, go put some superglue on that mirror.”

Samantha went on to share her family’s reaction to her video, with her sister “demanding answers,” her father simply sending along coverage of her story and her mother being “truly almost in tears” because she was “so proud” of her daughter.

The interview ended with Ellen surprising Hartsoe with a brand new bathroom setup from her own ED by Ellen lifestyle brand. Hidden behind the mirror she sent along with a new vanity was not a hole, but a check for $10k.

“Your story was fantastic,” exclaimed DeGeneres, “seal that mirror!”

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