Your Last Tarot Card Reading of the Year Is Here

You don’t need to know the difference between a three-card and a Celtic cross spread to get the most out of a tarot card reading. All you need: your Sun sign! Here’s what I do: Shuffle my tarot deck and pull out the cards in order from Aries to Pisces, plus one general card for everyone so that you can get specific advice around your personality. Let’s go!


This week you can take a break and have as much fun as you possibly can! Why not? Life is short and the Knight of Cups has come to play. This means a major injection of adventure, socializing, romance, and indulgence. If it feels good, do it! If it makes you laugh, do it! If it warms your heart, do it! Follow the fun this week.


The Wheel of Fortune is major card of transformation and change. Anything and everything is possible right now, Aries. Get ahead of the curve and instigate the changes you wish to see happen in your life. Expect the unexpected, but that you’ll end up right where you’re meant to be. A wild ride starts right here.


Don’t let that typical post-holiday-party-season crash happen, Taurus, not this year. Whether you’ve overindulged on too much fun, cocktails, sugar, or all three, make sure you’ve got a plan in place to counter the hangover. The Four of Cups warns against slipping into the doldrums, focusing on what you don’t have, and being negative. Fill your time with people you love and activities that lift you up. Practice gratitude for all of your gifts every day. Enter 2022 feeling grounded and content.


The World is the tarot’s final card, and it’s a symbol of achievement. You have completed this ~level~ of your life. If life were a video game, you’d have just defeated the final boss and are now ready to embark on the next mission. What is that mission? This week, celebrate your success, and acknowledge that you’re ready for a new goal. Start to think of what inspires and moves you. Get ready for major 2022 resolutions!


Don’t be sad, Cancer. Whatever’s bothering, you know that it’s okay, and you’ve got nothing serious to worry about. The Five of Cups sees a little emotional echo from your past bubbling up inside. Perhaps it’s a loss, or regret, or tinge of guilt about something from the past. It will soon pass. Acknowledge it and release it. Take extra special care of yourself. You’ll soon be back to your smiling, cheerful self. This is just a midwinter blip.


The Hermit brings you a different kind of mood from your usual Leo-y exuberance. Sometimes, you actually enjoy withdrawing from the noise and crowds, seeking solitude, and just sitting with your thoughts a while. This week, reflect on the year behind you and making plans for the year ahead. You’re taking yourself and your life seriously, and this requires some alone time. You don’t need others’ opinions, applause, or input. You want to figure out your trajectory for yourself.


Join in, Virgo! It’s time to show up and make a difference. The Hierophant asks you to lend a hand to an organization, cause, or campaign bigger than yourself. This week, contribute your time, energy, and talents towards something meaningful and worthwhile. You have so much to offer. Doing good FEELS good. Go make a positive difference in your corner of the earth!


Decision-making is tough for you, Libra, because it’s just so tough to narrow down your choices. It pains you, literally. Sorry my friend, but the Two of Swords is asking you to do just that this week. You’ve gone from deliberation to procrastination. You know enough now to make a well-informed decision, so get to it. You’ll feel a lot better after you’ve made a firm choice.


Feel like you’ve been over- (or under-) doing it recently, Scorpio? Maybe you’ve been having too much fun (it’s possible), or feeling like you’ve missed out? Whatever the imbalance in your life, this is the week to actively and consciously correct it. Balance doesn’t just happen by itself—we have to work at it, and Temperance shows you’re trying to find a new normal. Feeling grounded and steady is vital to you, and you’re realizing you may have to make some adjustments to make that happen.


The Devil reveals that you’re about to walk the path of least resistance, back into the arms of a bad habit or self-limiting belief. So, make a change! Identify the behavior you want to change, know your triggers, and then create a plan to replace it with something more positive. Do Future You a favor and end this habit now.


The Ace of Pentacles is one of your best cards, Cap, because it’s all about long-term investments (yes) into your career (yes), money (definitely yes), and health (sure). Anything worthwhile takes time and effort, and you know this to be true—you’re not scared of commitment to a cause. You’re reviewing your life and seeing where you can make investments in the present that will add up to a significant reward in the future. You like playing this game! Get to work now, then sit back and wait for those rewards to come in.


You enjoy being the boss and taking control, Aquarius. You’re a natural leader, and you have the assertiveness and authority to make others listen. This trait is on full display this wee, as you lead the way and set an example for others. The Emperor gives you the presence to be the change you wish to see, and then create a ripple effect of transformation. Use this power for good.


Pisces, slow down! It’s time to rest and scale back your commitments. You’ve built up too heavy a load to carry comfortably. The Ten of Wands shows up when we’re in danger of burnout. Revise your schedule this week. Ditch, delay, and delegate anything that isn’t urgent. You need a break!

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