Youthful-looking mum leaves people stunned when she walks next to daughter

A youthful-looking mum went viral when people found out she had a lookalike daughter and mistook them as sisters.

Amy-Jo Simpson, sometimes posts comical videos featuring her 19-year-old daughter, Megan, and viewers were surprised that the mum has a grown-up daughter.

In one video, she shared some moments of their vacation in Crete, Greece, while her family is sunbathing by the hotel pool.

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She responded to a comment from a viewer who doesn't believe she has a 19-year-old daughter.

Zooming in on Megan while she is getting tanned on a sun lounger, Amy-Jo smiles at the camera and says: "Here she is!"

In other videos, the mother-and-daughter pair are seen twinning in their summer outfits.

The 41-year-old struts a pose like a fashion model while her daughter, flings her blonde locks to the back like a "supermodel".

"You both look fabulous! The energy in this video is astronomical!" one fan wrote and another penned: "Seriously not many young adults have a mother that looks like you!"

"Not joking, you two do look like sisters!" a third added.

She previously shared some of the funny text messages Megan sent to her including asking her if she fancies a Starbucks coffee.

"I'm in town, fancy a Starbucks? If so, transfer me babe! (I'm getting one too)," Megan wrote to her mum.

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Some viewers were curious to know how Amy-Jo keep her youthful looks and asked her to share her anti-aging secrets and skincare routine.

She explained in her latest video that she is not very good at makeup.

"I cleanse my face with some cheap face wash, and this is the Current Body face mask – it's got all the LED lights inside – whack this on for 10 minutes," she said.

"And by the end of it, hopefully reduce some of your wrinkles, built up a bit of collagen and Bob's your uncle looks 18 again!"


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